Nurse Smurf
OccupationMedical assistant
First AppearanceVolume 11

Comics Icon

Nurse (original French name Schtroumpf Infirmier) is a Smurf character that appears only in the comic books. As his name suggests, he offers medical assistance to any Smurf who needs it.

In "The Smurf Garden" (second story of The Olympic SmurfsFrench edition) he hurries to help a Smurf who hurts his finger trying to assemble a beach chair.

He also appears in the story "The Handy Smurf" from the album "Baby Smurf". During a montage showing every Smurf is a handyman in some way, Painter Smurf is shown hammering a nail to the wall, but he hits his own finger and the following scene shows Nurse Smurf wrapping Painter Smurf's finger. It is unknown if he is an assistant to Doctor Smurf or if that is an alternate name.


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