Impostor Nosey
Nosey Smurf
Also Known AsGargamel
RaceHuman transformed into Smurf
Voice ActorPaul Winchell
First AppearanceSeason 5 (single episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

You may also be looking for the actual Smurf character that goes by this name.

A second Smurf that went by the name of Nosey was actually Gargamel who used a potion to transform himself into a Smurf to infiltrate the village during Sassette's hosting of the Mr. Smurf Contest in the episode "The Mr. Smurf Contest". He was so named because his transformation into a Smurf had left his nose looking the same as his original human form.

During that episode, when the Smurfs led the fake Smurf named Nosey into the village, he decided to participate in the Mr. Smurf Contest so he could get his hands on the Smurfs when the transformation potion wears off. As one of the contestants, he was billed as being the one who could "impersonate" Gargamel (which is rather easy for him to do, given who he actually is). When Smurfette as the judge decided that all the participants were the winners of the contest, Gargamel's Smurf impersonation formula wore off and he reverted back to his normal appearance -- but unfortunately was stuck in the size of a Smurf when he did. The other Smurfs kicked Gargamel out of the village and into the forest, where he got chased around by Azrael.

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