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You may also be looking for the character called Nobody Smurf.

Title Translation of
Nobody Smurf
FrenchLe Schtroumpf sans nom
SpanishEl pitufo Nadie
GermanDer Niemandschlumpf
ItalianPuffo Nessuno

"Nobody Smurf" was an episode that appeared in Season 7 of the Smurfs cartoon show.


One day in the Smurf Village, a Smurf goes to the village well to draw some water when Clumsy bumps into him. Clumsy apologizes to the Smurf who is named Nobody, but Nobody doesn't mind. Actually, he envies the fact that Clumsy has a name that identifies his personality trait while his seems to reflect that he just doesn't fit in with the other Smurfs. Clumsy feels sorry for the Smurf who is called Nobody and decides to help him. They both go to see Papa Smurf together about this matter, and Papa Smurf says that he can't just give a new name to any Smurf since names always reflect what that Smurf was, is, and will be. Nobody starts to feel as if he has no worth because of his name, but Papa Smurf assures him that his name doesn't reflect his worth. This makes Nobody so eager to find a new name for himself that will suit him, and Clumsy is willing to help Nobody find his identity.

They first go to visit Hefty, who puts Nobody through running an obstacle course a hundred times to prove what he can be called. However, the repeated running through the course starts to tire Nobody, and he asks Hefty if he could take a break, to which Hefty answers that he needs to run the course a hundred times more. Clumsy then suggests to Nobody that they should visit Greedy, who tries to teach Nobody how to bake a pie, but all that he can create in the kitchen is a messy explosion. The third Smurf they visit is Brainy, in the hope that Nobody can learn to be as smart as Brainy. Unfortunately, neither Clumsy nor Nobody have the endurance to sit through Brainy's lengthy alphabetic lecture of wisdom without falling asleep.

By the following day, Nobody is ready to give up on finding a new name for himself when he and Clumsy see that Brainy, Hefty, and Greedy are all set for an overnight fern-hunting expedition being led by Papa Smurf, and were waiting for Clumsy to show up so that he could join them. Nobody wishes that he could be part of the expedition, and Papa Smurf conveniently shows up with a backpack for Nobody to use, saying that the expedition will be good for getting his mind off finding a name for himself.

Papa Smurf leads the expedition into the forest, where they find a glen that's suitable in their search of ferns. The village leader says that this will be where they will set up camp, and as the other Smurfs prepare to settle in, Clumsy and Nobody are eager to get started looking for ferns. Brainy, however, tries to share his knowledge about ferns from the book he is carrying, but Clumsy and Nobody both quietly sneak off and leave Brainy reading to (literally) nobody.

In the middle of their fern search, Clumsy and Nobody both discover a hidden fountain that they show the other Smurfs. As most of them gaze in wonder at the fountain, Clumsy's attention is attracted to a goblet sitting on a pedestal that he reaches for to help sate Greedy's thirst. Papa Smurf restrains Clumsy from grabbing the goblet when he notices writing on the pedestal, which reads: Beware ye thirsty travelers, this is a magic fountain. Touch not the goblet or a goblin curse will befall you. Papa Smurf then leads the other Smurfs away from the fountain, but Clumsy and Nobody stay behind, with Clumsy being so excited that he has found a magic fountain that in his jubilation he trips and falls into the fountain. Nobody goes to pull Clumsy out, but as Clumsy is yanked from the fountain, he bumps into the pedestal and knocks over the goblet which then falls into the fountain.

Suddenly a funnel of water arises from the fountain, and as the water in the fountain empties into the goblet, a horrid-looking winged goblin emerges, calling himself Mystico and thanking the two Smurfs for freeing him from his prison. Clumsy and Nobody decide to make a run for it, but as they flee from the fountain, Clumsy trips on a rock and falls to the ground. Mystico mocks Clumsy for being such a graceless creature and uses his power to turn him into a goblin with big feet. Mystico says he will have more fun turning Clumsy's friends into goblins, and after he departs, Nobody helps Clumsy to his feet, which he finds harder to stay upon now that he's a goblin, and they both go to find the other Smurfs.

Unfortunately, Mystico has already started his fun, first by turning Greedy into a goblin with a very big mouth, then by turning Hefty into a goblin with very big muscular arms that he couldn't control, then by turning Brainy and Papa Smurf into goblins, with Brainy speaking in uncontrollable gibberish and Papa Smurf with very big ears. All the while, Nobody watches safely from cover and hears Mystico say that he won't stop until he turns all the living creatures in the forest into goblins before he hops away.

Nobody then joins his fellow Smurfs-turned-goblins, who now wonder what to do about the goblin who's on the loose. Papa Smurf says that he has studied the ancient inscription by the fountain and says that the only way the goblin curse can be broken is to imprison the goblin by placing the goblet on his head. Hefty says "nobody can get close enough to do that", meaning that no Smurf could accomplish such a feat. Nobody, however, thinks Hefty is talking about him and decides it's time to prove himself.

Meanwhile, Mystico finds a tree that he can rest upon, and as he folds his wings over himself and hangs from a branch by his tail to sleep, Nobody takes the goblet and tries to approach the goblin as quietly as possible. However, he steps on a twig and causes Mystico to awake from his slumber, asking who is there. Nobody answers by using his name, which confuses Mystico as he says that his target must have a name. After a while of chasing Nobody around the tree, Mystico says that if he is really Nobody, then he will make him disappear. But as Mystico tries to use his goblin powers to make Nobody disappear, Nobody has already disappeared inside the tree and soon appears at the open top of it, ready to drop the goblet down over the goblin's head. Soon Mystico finds his head inside the goblet, unable to pull it off before it sucks him inside.

At the fountain, the other Smurfs see that the goblet is gone and believe that Mystico has taken it, so that they will remain goblins forever. Just then, Nobody appears with the goblet, and inside it Mystico is begging not to be put back inside the fountain. But Nobody drops Mystico into the fountain, and the goblin screams as he is trapped back into the crystal that he came from. At that instant, the Smurfs return to normal and are thankful for Nobody coming to their rescue. Nobody still feels that he doesn't have a unique talent to his name, but Papa Smurf proves that he does, the ability to hide, and so from that point on Nobody has decided that his new name will be Somebody.

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