Gutsy In Nerf Cannon

Gutsy Smurf prepares to launch himself with a Nerf cannon.

Uh oh! Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of either the Smurfs Franco-Belgian comic book series or the Smurfs cartoon show series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline of either.

Nerf is a toy brand created by Parker Brothers and currently owned by Hasbro. The acronym Nerf stands for "Non-Expanding Recreational Foam". Most of the toys are a variety of foam-based weaponry, but there are also several different types of Nerf toys, such as balls for sports like football, basketball, and others. In a scene in the 2011 Smurfs movie, Gutsy Smurf uses a Nerf cannon, which he calls a "Smurf cannon" to launch himself up a floor in the FAO Schwarz toy store to join the other Smurfs. He calls it the "only way to fly".

Uh oh! Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.

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