First AppearanceSeason 9 ("Gnoman Holiday")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Nerdo is a character who appeared in the cartoon show episode "Gnoman Holiday". He is a Gnoman who is the son of Julius Geezer, the ruler of the city-state Gnome. He finds himself in love with Ann the royal hairdresser, who also loves him despite his wimpy nature.

In the episode, Julius is looking for a suitable mate of noble standing and blue blood for his son Nerdo to marry before his own 60th birthday, but with his son rejecting all the choices presented before him, he tells Nerdo that he will select his mate for him if he doesn't marry by that time. While Julius was preparing for his royal bath, Smurfette was carried by the aqueducts into the royal bath house, where the emperor saw her and decided that she would be the one to marry Nerdo. Smurfette was then taken into the emperor's custody against her own wishes and given beauty treatments by Ann the royal hairdresser before she was presented to Nerdo. At that time Grandpa Smurf and her fellow Smurfs Brainy, Hefty, and Snappy arrived to rescue her. Julius ordered his guards to take her friends and feed them to the Felions, but when Smurfette said she will marry Nerdo, Julius simply told the guards to take them out of the city. The Smurfs present in the throne room pleaded to do anything so that they could win back Smurfette, and Julius offered a contest of strength with his champion in the coliseum. Brainy reluctantly was chosen to be the contestant in the contest.

Alone in the garden afterward, Smurfette talked to Nerdo about standing up to his father and about who he wants to fall in love with, eventually leaving him alone with Ann. The following day in the coliseum, as Julius and the Gnomans watched Brainy contend against the champion and was nearly defeated by him, Julius gave the thumbs-down signal, but Nerdo interjected and gave the thumbs-up signal to spare Brainy's life. Julius nevertheless saw that he won the contest and that Smurfette would be Nerdo's bride, but Nerdo objected to marrying Smurfette, saying that he loved Ann. Julius refused to let his son marry a servant, and when Ann showed an impudent attitude toward the emperor, he had her cast into the arena to contend with the Felion. Nerdo couldn't stand to see his beloved get eaten by the Felion and so jumped into the arena to save her. Julius then saw the bravery that his son Nerdo exhibited in saving Ann and so permitted him to marry her, thus releasing Smurfette to the custody of her fellow Smurfs.

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