Race TypeUnspecified
ResidenceLand of Nebbit
First AppearanceSeason 7
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

The Nebbits are a race of creatures that appear in the cartoon show episode "Smurf Pet". They live in the land of Nebbit, possessing long trunk-like noses and long springy tails, both of them with suction cup-type appendages. They are very hungry creatures that feast on anything, particularly the nebbitgonia plant that is native to the land of Nebbit.

In the story, one of the Nebbits became so friendly with the Smurflings that they wanted to take him home to the Smurf Village as a pet, but Brainy and Grandpa Smurf advised against it, saying that doing such a thing would disrupt the perfect balance of nature. Nonetheless, the Smurflings snuck one of the Nebbits home inside a picnic basket, hoping to keep him from being noticed by any of the Smurfs. However, the Nebbit escapes from the Smurflings' playhouse and starts eating things such as Greedy's smurfberry cobbler, Painter's painting and fruit bowl, and one of Brainy's books. Brainy realizes what the Smurflings have done and decide to help them return the Nebbit to his habitat by taking Grandpa Smurf's magic balloon, but as Brainy was unable to use the magic words to get the balloon to travel to the land of Nebbit, he and the Smurflings wound up landing right in a garden full of snapdragons that Scruple was tending for the Wizard's School Science Fair. Scruple saw that the Nebbit had eaten one of his snapdragons and decides to capture him and present him to the headmaster as his Science Fair project instead of the snapdragons.

While the Smurflings chase after Scruple to get the Nebbit back, the village was dealing with the problem of the nebbitgonias overgrowing throughout the entire village. Grandpa Smurf says that the Nebbit is the only creature that can get rid of the nebbitgonias, but he soon finds himself unable to go anywhere as his magic balloon is now missing. Clumsy tells Papa and Grandpa Smurf that Brainy and the Smurflings are also missing, so the two elder Smurfs go into the forest to find Brainy with the balloon, telling them about the Nebbit that he and the Smurflings were going to return. While Handy gets the balloon fixed, the Smurflings release the Nebbit from being inside the bag Scruple was carrying him in, leaving the young student with nothing to present to the headmaster, but soon to chase after the Smurflings as they flee with the Nebbit. Just when the Smurflings and the Nebbit were trapped in the bell tower with nowhere else to go, Papa and Grandpa show up in the magic balloon to help them escape, briefly engaging in a tug-of-war over the Nebbit with Scruple before managing to release the creature from the apprentice's grasp.

After the Nebbit was brought back to the village to eat up all the nebbitgonias that were growing all around, Grandpa Smurf took the creature back to his home in his magic balloon with the Smurflings saying goodbye to their pet.

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