A nebbitgonia is a plant that first appeared in the cartoon show episode "Smurf Pet". It grows in the land of Nebbit and is considered the native food of the creatures known as Nebbits. The mineral water in that region helps the plant constantly grow to supply enough food for the Nebbits, which makes transplanting it elsewhere rather dangerous to other inhabitants.

In the story, Grandpa Smurf and the Smurflings accidentally bring home to the Smurf Village some nebbitgonias as the Smurflings also bring home one of the Nebbits to keep as a pet. After Smurfette finds the flowers and Farmer feeds it the mineral water from the land of Nebbit upon planting, the flowers began to grow uncontrollably until the whole village was filling up with them. Grandpa Smurf realizes what has happened and sees that they need a Nebbit to get rid of the plants. After finding out that the Smurflings have brought home a Nebbit which ended up in the hands of Scruple, Papa and Grandpa Smurf rescue the Nebbit and the Smurflings from Scruple and return home to the village so that the Nebbit can eat up all the nebbitgonias before returning the creature back home.

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