Scruple With Essence Remover
Mummy's essence remover
CreatorUnknown, though it came from Gargamel's mother
PurposeRemoves the essence from objects or living beings
First AppearanceSeason 6

Cartoon Icon

Mummy's essence remover is a magical device that appears in the cartoon show episode "Essence Of Brainy". It is a magical type of gun that emits a beam which removes the essence of an object or living being that the beam strikes and stores it within a glass vial attached to the device. The object or living being from which the essence was stolen would appear either as all white or mostly bleached until their essence has been restored.

In the episode, Gargamel's mother sends her son the essence remover as a birthday present, which Scruple gets a hold of when it arrives. After making lots of tests to see how it works, Scruple finds Brainy out in the forest and, overhearing that he is Papa Smurf's assistant, fires the essence remover on Brainy so that he could obtain all Brainy's knowledge on magic in order to become a wizard. Gargamel is amazed that the weapon has captured the essence of a Smurf that he demands Scruple to hand it over so he could make gold from it. However, the Smurfs who went to Gargamel's castle in order to get Brainy's essence back got their hands on the stolen essences of other creatures and used them to frighten Gargamel and Scruple while they made their getaway with Brainy's essence. The bush that was doused with the essence of a wolf scared Scruple and caused the essence remover to fly out of his hands and be smashed to pieces on the rocks.

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