Gargamel's mother, "Mummy", at the present time

Gargamel's mother, "Mummy", at Gargamel's birth

Also Known AsReal name unknown
OccupationGargamel's Mother
Voice ActorJune Foray, Joan Gerber
First AppearanceSeason 1
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show
Smurfs Village

Comics IconCartoon IconSmurfs Village Icon

Gargamel's mother (her real name unknown, but simply called Mummy) is a recurring character who appeared in various episodes of the Smurfs. She is an annoying old busybody who makes frequent unannounced visits with her son Gargamel, usually to nag him for his consistent failure in destroying the Smurfs. She is obviously a witch, or has at least some knowledge of magic, which she uses in her plans to destroy the Smurfs. Nobody knows what happened to Mummy's husband. Whenever Gargamel and Azrael eat with Mummy, her cooking is such that they both get a stomachache.

In the episode "Wedding Bells For Gargamel", Gargamel's mother decided it was high time he married and arranged him to marry Andria through the matchmaker Madame Lavinia, only to see the wedding get cancelled thanks to her son and the Smurfs.

In "Gargamel's Time Trip", Gargamel goes back in time to see a younger and gentler version of his mother holding her infant son in his castle (hers at the time), hoping that he will someday be a successful wizard and that he would care for her in her old age. As the adult Gargamel sadly admits to Azrael, his mother never forgave him for doing badly at Wizard's School, implying that's why she would move out of the castle in later life. She's always mentioned by her son, mostly when he screams in fear at some dire predicament.

Gargamel's mother does have a comic book appearance in the story "Bathing Smurfs" when the evil wizard remembers things of his childhood that would be destroyed in the fire of his hovel that Papa Smurf warns him about. Interestingly, although only the back of her is seen, what is seen of her is very different from the cartoon show version of her.

In the more recent comic book story "The Smurfs And The Sorcerer's Love", Mummy appears again to offer her son some advice in his desire to date a young woman named Roxana, and gives him a magic love potion to help him succeed, the result of which proves disastrous.


  • Though some may argue that "Mummy" is the real name of this character, it would seem less likely to be, considering that the only known character to call her that is Gargamel.

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