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The Mr. Smurf Contest was a one-time event held by the Smurfs in the cartoon episode "The Mr. Smurf Contest". It was created and hosted by Sassette as a way for the Smurfs to fairly compete for being the one that will take Smurfette to the Harvest Moon Ball that Papa Smurf was holding. Smurfette acted as a judge for the contestants in the various parts of the contest, which included a personal entrance, a group dance, a talent display, and a question that each contestant must answer regarding what they would do with Smurfette.

In the episode, up to a dozen Smurfs have participated in the contest, including Gargamel who posed as a fake Smurf named Nosey, with his particular talent being the Smurf who could impersonate Gargamel. However, by the end of the contest, Smurfette was unable to pick a single winner among the contestants because they were all "so smurfy" in their own way, and decided that all of the contestants can take her to the ball, declaring them all winners. Also by the end of the contest, Gargamel had changed back into his real form, although he ended up being the same size as the Smurfs and thus was easy to cast out of the village.

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