Mr. Nicholas' magic sack
CreatorUnknown, possibly Mr. Nicholas
First AppearanceSeason 7, "The Magic Sack Of Mr. Nicholas"

Cartoon Icon

Mr. Nicholas' magic sack is an item that appears in the Smurfs cartoon show episode "The Magic Sack Of Mr. Nicholas". It appears to be a regular size sack, but somehow is capable of being filled with lots of presents without ever seeming to run out of space, and is also lightweight to carry even when laden with presents.

In the episode, Mr. Nicholas' sack is stolen by Chlorhydris when she seeks to destroy Christmas, and along with it Grouchy Smurf who had accidentally dropped into the sack when the evil witch sneaked in through the window to snatch the sack. However, on her way back to her observatory, she runs into Gargamel who is carrying a sack of Smurfs, and the two accidentally switch sacks as they get themselves out of the snow bank they ended up in together. When Gargamel discovers, to Scruple's delight, that he now has Mr. Nicholas' sack, the evil wizard decides to return the sack to Chlorhydris in exchange for the other sack with the Smurfs in it. Scruple, not wishing to give up the magic sack because of all the toys that are in it, switches it for another identical sack that has Gargamel's potions in it as well as a bunch of junk toys that Scruple had in his chest.

When Scruple went to hide the magic sack in a cave, Grouchy followed him in the hopes of getting the sack back to Mr. Nicholas, but the sack was too heavy for Grouchy to carry until he used one of its presents, a sled, to carry it across the snowy hills. As Chlorhydris, Gargamel, and Scruple chased after Grouchy when they saw him on the sled with the sack, Mr. Nicholas and the Smurfs came to the rescue by flying the sleigh to intercept Grouchy as he and the sled went off a cliff together, landing safely on the sleigh with the sack still intact and thus saving Christmas in the process.

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