First AppearanceSeason 6 ("The Prince And The Hopper")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Morlock is a human character that appeared in the Smurfs cartoon show, with his first canonical appearance being in "The Prince And The Hopper". He was the wizard who served Prince Theodore until he decided to take over the kingdom by turning the prince into a frog and turning a frog into the likeness of the prince so that he could marry the prince's fiancee Lady Jasmine. When Smurfette, Sassette, and Poet went to the castle with the real prince, they worked to help the prince restore his true form by getting a kiss from the one who loves him the most, which the prince assumed was Lady Jasmine, so they could stop Morlock's plan. However, as it turned out that Lady Jasmine truly didn't love Prince Theodore, his true form was only restored when Smurfette confessed her love for the prince and kissed him. At that instant, the fake prince was reverted to his original form as a frog when he and Jasmine were about to be united as husband and wife, and Prince Theodore had Morlock stopped at the castle gates and imprisoned.

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