Voice ActorPaul Winchell (possibly)
First AppearanceSeason 2
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Mordain is a human wizard who appears solely in the cartoon show episode "The Good, The Bad, And The Smurfy". He is a servant of King Argon, whom he despises but serves out of fear of the king's power. He came across the Smurfs as he was gathering ingredients for his experiments, bringing them into his lair to figure out what to do with them. When Mordain was called upon by the king to prepare a potion to cure his stomachache, he was unable to find one in his books and simply whipped up something that Papa Smurf said wouldn't cure a stomachache. Mordain at first ignored Papa Smurf's advice out of pride, but then after seeing that his own attempt at a stomachache cure didn't work, he allowed Papa Smurf to mix up the proper formula, promising that he would allow him and his little Smurfs to return home. However, after seeing that the formula did work, Mordain went back on his promise and said that his captive Smurfs were staying with him, threatening to toast their little blue hides if they didn't comply.

As the captive Smurfs attempted to make their escape from King Argon's castle, they ran into the king himself while he was sleeping, telling him that they were captives of Mordain. The king brought them to the wizard to question him about what he's doing with them, with Mordain feebly explaining that the Smurfs were going to be presented as performers at the king's birthday, with Papa Smurf helping Mordain with cleaning hard-to-reach places. The king accepted Mordain's answer and handed the Smurfs back over to him, making them his captives again.

On the following day, Mordain had put a spell on Papa Smurf to make him compliant, then brought Smurfette, Brainy, and Clumsy to the king's dining table to have them perform. At first they sang and dance so terribly that King Argon was disgusted with their performance, but a slip-up by Clumsy that caused food to go splat in the face of one of the king's knights made the king and his other men laugh instead, cementing the captive Smurfs' position as permanent slaves to the wizard.

Papa Smurf secretly helped Mordain with a formula that the human wizard planned to use on the king and his men during his birthday banquet when Hefty and a team of Smurfs had entered the castle and freed the captive Smurfs from their cage. They hid out in the wizard's lair as Mordain reentered with Papa Smurf, leaving the village leader to work on loading fireworks with the special formula while he went off to look for the escaped Smurfs. The next time he returned, Papa Smurf was back to normal, but he acted as if he was still under Mordain's spell, saying that he has captured the Smurfs that had come to rescue him.

That night at the king's birthday banquet, Mordain used a fireworks display to impress and distract the king and his men long enough for the next batch of fireworks to turn them into frogs. He then went to steal all the gold plates and utensils from the king's dining table when he noticed that the Smurfs have escaped during the distraction and were now fleeing the castle. Mordain had cut off their escape by closing up the drawbridge before they completely crossed it, but before he could recapture them, Papa Smurf cast a transformation spell on Mordain, turning him into a frog. The king and his men then chased Mordain out of the castle and into the moat, where he now spends his days eating flies.

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