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Moonrock Amulet 2
Moonrock Amulet
CreatorThe Druid Leader
PurposeRelease the druids from Paladore's curse
First AppearanceSeason 3

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The Moonrock Amulet is a magical device created by the druid leader that appears in the cartoon show episode "The Smurfs' Time Capsule". Its purpose is to break the curse placed upon the druids that were sealed inside a tree by Papa Smurf's former mentor Paladore and his people. The druid leader escaped from his imprisonment and entered a secret passage to get the amulet to place on the tree so that, when the light of the full moon strikes the top of the obelisk and hits the amulet, the curse will be broken and the druids will be free. Papa Smurf and his little Smurfs stopped the druid leader's attempt to free his people by having Handy place the head of the stone ax from the time capsule into the beam of light from the moon. This caused both the druid leader and his Moonrock Amulet to vanish.

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