Monulf comic
Also Known AsMonulfo (comic books)
OccupationDragon tamer, slave master
First AppearanceSeason 2 ("The Cursed Country")
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show

Johan IconCartoon Icon

Monulf is a human character who is seen in the Johan And Peewit episode "The Cursed Country". He is a slave master who uses his pet dragon Fafnir to capture slaves and make them work in his diamond mine. He notably has little respect for kings, as he treats Johan and Peewit's king as just another prisoner.

In the episode, Fafnir sets fire to the Smurf Village and captures all but two Smurfs, Hefty and Smurfette, for his master to put them to work in the diamond mine. As Johan, Peewit, and the king join the two Smurfs in returning to their village to find the dragon responsible, Fafnir captures the king and brings him to Monulf, who puts him in a prison cell with Papa Smurf. Johan, Peewit, and the two Smurfs find the diamond mine as well as Monulf's hideout, where Johan struggles with Monulf before he captures him. Monulf tries to tell his captors that they won't escape as long as Fafnir is guarding the entrance. However, with a brew of snapdragons, Fafnir is put to sleep, allowing for Papa Smurf to enter the belly of the dragon with a carving of Homnibus' magic water stick. The dragon doesn't stay asleep for long, though, and neither does Monulf stay bound, as he directs Fafnir to attack the humans and Smurfs trying to escape. Unfortunately for him, Papa Smurf succeeded in making Fafnir breathe water instead of fire with the magic stick carving. Monulf is then taken back to the king's castle where he is put into the dungeon, and Fafnir rests beneath the castle walls, no longer a threat to anyone.

The character is originally called Monulfo in the original comic book story "The Cursed Land"

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