OccupationStage magician
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 3
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Malchior is a human magician who first appeared in the cartoon show episode "The A-Maze-Ing Smurfs". Papa Smurf encountered him years ago when he was first known as Malchior the Jester, an apprentice who was lost in the forest and was sick. Papa Smurf restored his health and helped him find his way back to civilization, where he would become a stage magician known as Malchior the Magnificent to the general public. However, Malchior feels too humble to really consider himself great or magnificent.

In the episode that he first appeared, Malchior was sick and needed Papa Smurf's help, so he sent a letter to his friend, including with it a map that would help Papa Smurf navigate the maze that surrounded his house. Jokey Smurf, who has read about Malchior and his magic tricks, wanted to visit him, but Papa Smurf refused to let Jokey come with him, saying that Malchior hated company. However, sometime after Papa Smurf left for Malchior's house, Jokey went to visit him on his own and had several of his fellow Smurfs following him as they entered the maze that surrounded the house. Jokey's followers would then be pursued by Gargamel, whose dowsing rod had detected their presence, and they escaped the maze only to have the evil wizard enter through the chimney into Malchior's house to find the Smurfs. Malchior dealt with Gargamel by tricking him into looking inside a box which he used to demonstrate how the supreme vanishing trick worked, and sure enough Gargamel and his cat Azrael were nowhere to be seen, although Gargamel's fading voice was heard vowing his usual threats of vengence. Malchior rewarded Papa Smurf by inviting him and his little Smurfs to the dinner table.

Malchior would appear a second time in the episode "The Miracle Smurfer", where Dr. Charlatan had paid him a visit with a "miracle tonic" that he offered. Malchior found out that the "miracle tonic" was worthless and had Papa Smurf visit him to treat his condition, telling his friend to warn his little Smurfs about the imp.

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