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Lord Balthazar
Lord Balthazar
Voice ActorKeene Curtis
First AppearanceSeason 1 ("The Smurfs' Springtime Special")
UniverseCartoon Show

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Lord Balthazar is a supporting character who has appeared in the Smurfs cartoon show since "The Smurfs Springtime Special" in Season 1 up until around Season 8. He is Gargamel's godfather who is even more wicked and cruel and a better wizard than Gargamel is, and his plans for capturing Smurfs tend to be more lethal. He has a pet raven that he uses on various occasions, as well as a serpent who swims around in a moat guarding his master's castle. Lord Balthazar wants to gaze into the future.


Lord Balthazar is the godfather of Gargamel. He has a niece named Denisa, who is friends with Sassette Smurfling. As Denisa is named Gargamel's god-niece (although a father's niece should be someone's cousin) this would probably make Gargamel's nephew Scruple Lord Balthazar's god nephew.


His character was voiced by Keene Curtis.

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