First AppearanceSeason 6 ("A Loss Of Smurf")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Lofty is a character who appears only in the cartoon show episode "A Loss Of Smurf". He is the self-proclaimed "elf extraordinaire" who visits the Reflecting Pool ten times a day to reflect upon his past, his future, and himself. In the episode he meets with Vanity, who visits the pool to see if he's truly losing his handsome looks. Lofty seems interested in Vanity's mirror and offers him advice on the location of a "magical bog bath" that promises to give Vanity extraordinary beauty in exchange for the mirror. After the exchange is made and Vanity heads for Creepy Deepy Swamp where the "magical bog bath" is located, it is revealed that Lofty had scammed Vanity out of his mirror, with the "magical bog bath" actually transforming Vanity into a Wartmonger.

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