Liar Smurf talking to Jokey
Liar Smurf
OccupationGossip, bluffer
First AppearanceSmurf comic books (exact date unknown)
UniverseComic Books

Comics Icon

Liar Smurf is a Smurf character who appears as the main character in the comic book story "The Liar Smurf" for foreign markets, he also appears occasionally in other comic stories and strips. As his name suggests, he is a liar who likes gossiping about his fellow Smurfs and bluffing.

In the story, he keeps on bluffing, he bluffs that he is not even afraid of Gargamel. The Smurfs get annoyed. The others decides to challenge him to prove that his words are true. So, they tell him to visit Gargamel's castle. However, Gargamel captures him and used him as bait. Papa Smurf and a few others Smurfs come to rescue him later but they all fall into the trap. Meanwhile, Liar Smurfs is tossed up into the sky and landed on a boar by accident. The boar gets angry and chased Gargamel. The Smurfs escape unharmed as Gargamel runs away.

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