Lazy's Magic Bird
Lazy's magic bird
GenderPresumably female
RaceBird of unknown species
OccupationSings and grants wishes
First Appearance"The Smurfs And The Magic Bird"
UniverseComic Books

Comics Icon

Lazy's magic bird is a creature that appears in the comic book story "The Smurfs And The Magic Bird". It is capable of granting wishes to anyone who makes them while it is singing.

In the story, Lazy finds the magic bird near the outskirts of the Smurf Village and frees it from the net it was caught in. After being freed, the bird starts singing, and Lazy interprets it as meaning that the bird is hungry. He wishes that he had a few corn cobs with him so he could feed the bird, and instantly a few corn cobs appear. Seeing that the bird is magical, Lazy makes another wish for a pillow and a hug while it is singing, and that wish is granted as well, as a pillow and a few Smurfs appear to see this magical bird for themselves. All too soon, Gargamel appears and captures the bird instead of the Smurfs, bringing it back to his castle with the intent of fattening it with grain before eating it. He makes a wish that he could be in the Smurf Village while the bird is singing, and instantly he appears in the Smurf Village with no idea how he got there, but willing to take advantage of the situation to capture Smurfs. However, Lazy goes into Gargamel's castle and, finding the bird singing, wishes that the evil wizard would burn in Hell. Instantly Gargamel vanishes from the village, to find himself in a boiling cauldron in Hell with a devil stoking its flames. The bird is safely returned to the village, with the Smurfs contemplating on making more wishes while it sings.

Smurfs Village

A similar bird appeared in the Smurfs' Village game during the cleaning up of the obstacles on the planet Swoof to gain more land.

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