Sir Hefty and Sir Lancealout
Sir Hefty (left) with Lancealout (right)
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 1 (single episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

This is not to be confused with another character, Sir Lancelot.

Sir Lancealout is a human character that appeared in the episode "Sir Hefty". He appears to be a brave knight to the rather timid Hefty who longs to be a knight himself, who attempted to go slay a dragon that had just torched the Smurf Village. However, as Lancealout was taken care of by the Smurfs, Papa Smurf suspected that he may be nothing more than a common thief and a coward with no intention of ever fighting a dragon, and so decides to have a fake dragon built in order to test Lancealout's bravery. During that test, though, the real dragon came along, and Lancealout, realizing that the supposedly fake dragon he's fighting is now real, ended up turning tail and fleeing the village, revealing his yellow nature.

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