King Goldenrod
King Goldenrod
First AppearanceSeason 3
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

King Goldenrod is a character who appears in the cartoon show episode "Beauty Is Only Smurf Deep". He is the father of Periwinkle, a pixie princess who is very beautiful yet very vain and spoiled. He is frustrated that his daughter can't be like the other pixies, that her only concern was her beauty. When Periwinkle found out about Vanity Smurf and tried to destroy him for being the fairest in the world, he and the Smurfs looking for Vanity found her in the mud factory about to drown him in boiling mud and stopped her just before he fell in. King Goldenrod scolded his daughter for her selfish and unladylike behavior, which made her realize how jealous she was of Vanity and to ask him for his forgiveness. At the end of the story, Goldenrod is glad to see that her daughter now has a friend that can understand her burden of being so beautiful.

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