StoryThierry Culliford
ArtworkPascal Garray
ColoristNine Culliford
PublisherLe Lombard
Year of publication2004

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For the character, see John-John (character).

'John-John' is the 14th Benny Breakiron comic book which is published in 2004.

Plot Summary

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NOTE: The whole content of this article is based on the Dutch translation, names of characters and places may be different from the translation from French.

Uncle Placide takes Benny Breakiron to the mountains where he has a new mission of protecting Stevens' peer John-John, who is the son of a movie star. He should specifically check that the paparazzi cannot disturb John-John. When they arrive there, it turns the Fingerspitze Village where John-John is staying less peaceful than expected: a developer, Schwartz wants a nearby old village Daumennagel with razing to build apartments there. However, the mayor of Fingerspitze wants to make a holiday camp for children instead. They both talks to the owner of the village, old Heinrich, to convince their project. Benny learns the old man know when he redeemed him from a paparazzo on its roof.

Benny, Uncle Placide and John-John's father go by helicopter visit on the site. When they return, they end up in thick fog. The helicopter comes in the wiring of a cable car up. Uncle Placied and the pilot unconscious. Benny and John-John and want to get help pull through the snow.

Further old Heinrich has taken a decision: by Benny's kindness, Heinrich was starting to believe in youth, so he gave the village to the children. Disappointed and angry Schwartz turns two men to blow up the dam at Daumennagel so the village will be placed underwater. Somewhat later Benny and John-John go to the cottage of the two villains. The bomb has been placed as the children arrive. The two bandits received them kindly and give them shelter. As she lay in bed also comes along Schwartz. However, the villains have plans Schwartz: they threaten him and demand that he asks ransom for the two children. So he gets the blame. Finally, he was locked in the children. He gets guilt. Steven has now become a cold and is therefore lost his powers.

The next morning the villains collect the ransom with their SUV car. They take their hostages, which can escape through the rickety door suitcase. The children are caught. Schwartz can flee, but falls into a ravine. He rolls in the snow and snowball as he lands in Fingerspitze just before Uncle Placide, the mayor and John-John's father. Schwartz tells his story. Although the bandits now have lost their stooge, they continue their action: they demand ransom or else they blow up the village. Suddenly must Steven sneeze so hard that the snow from a roof falls on the head of the two bandits. The two are buried under the snow. Steven and John-John take the legs. They decide to defuse the bomb on the dam, since they are the only ones who know who is on that spot. John-John was just in time to throw the bomb in the depth for which explodes. The boys are rescued by helicopter by John-John's father and uncle Ponnes. The two frozen bandits are arrested.

A few months later, the holiday camp is ready. Schwartz has the renovation costs undertaken. Benny and John-John may do the ceremonial opening

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