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Title Translation of
It Came From Outer Smurf
FrenchLe Schtroumpf et l'extraterrestre
SpanishLlegó del espitifu exterior
GermanEin Schlumpf aus dem Weltall
ItalianDal pianeta Puffo
DutchHet smurfte uit de ruimte

"It Came From Outer Smurf" is a Season 2 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

The Smurfs are busy at work near the village dam, with Brainy just standing around trying to offer some constructive criticism until Hefty has enough of it and hangs a bucket on Brainy's nose. Papa Smurf tells Handy that the water well is a smurfy idea, that with it they can prime the drain faster. Handy says that they should start it working by the following afternoon. Meanwhile, Hefty is getting Smurfs together to lift up the axle and now wonders where Dreamy Smurf is.

How's Me Hanging

His alien visitor just loves to hang around!

Out in the forest, Dreamy is resting near a tree, looking up at the sky and wondering if there is any life up there. Then he hears Hefty calling his name, and Dreamy thinks it's someone up in the sky calling to him, but it turns out to be just Hefty, who was looking for him. Soon Dreamy joins the Smurfs in carrying the axle, but his mind is too focused on wondering whether there's life in outer smurf, causing his fellow Smurfs to veer off course and run down a hill into the water. Dreamy's meditations were making Hefty so angry that he tells his fellow Smurf that there is no life in outer smurf, but there is life down here, and the other Smurfs say that Dreamy should start paying attention to it.

Alone at night in his Smurf house, Dreamy looks up at the stars and ponders again the question of life up there when he sees a shooting star fall from the sky and land somewhere in the forest. He goes out to take a look, and soon he finds a round ship with a lot of crystals surrounding its hull. He knocks to see if there's anybody in the ship, and after getting no response, he walks away and continues to wonder. Then an alien in a spacesuit appears behind him, walking on air upside down. He examines the Smurf to see what of creature it is, and after Dreamy runs away, the alien takes one of the crystals from his ship and transforms into a Smurf so he could study the world he is on better.

Dreamy meets with the Smurfs at the water wheel to explain what he had seen and the alien he had met, but Hefty isn't interested in listening to Dreamy's daydreams and goes off with the Smurfs carrying the axle. Dreamy tries to tell this to Lazy, then to Vanity, and then to some Smurf who was hiding behind a tree, but none of them are interested in listening or even believing what Dreamy had witnessed, and so he walks off frustrated. Then Jokey approaches the Smurf behind the tree and offers him a "surprise", which as usual explodes while Jokey laughs. Then that Smurf causes Jokey's "surprise" to reform and offers it to Jokey, who opens it to find it exploding on him while the other Smurf laughs.

The mysterious Smurf shows up at the water wheel, and Handy asks him if he could give him the screwdriver. The Smurf looks around for the object, and then with a wave of his hands he levitates it up to Handy. The village builder then asks for the saw, and the mysterious Smurf waves his hands again to levitate the saw. Clumsy watches that Smurf in action and thinks that he could do the same thing himself. He asks Handy if there's anything he could do, and Handy says to pour a bucket of axle grease for him. Clumsy tries to levitate it with a wave of his hands, but instead Handy ends up dropping the bucket on his head, causing him to knock down the platform Handy was working on. Handy asks Clumsy if he's seen the axle pin, and Clumsy shows that it's now broken, which means Handy will have to find a new one.

Meanwhile, Dreamy tries to tell what he saw out in the forest to Papa Smurf, who is rather skeptical, but is willing to go out into the forest to check out what Dreamy saw. As Dreamy and Papa Smurf leave the village, the mysterious Smurf follows after them. However, when Dreamy reaches the spot where he saw the ship, he notices that it is no longer there, nor was there any evidence that the ship lefts marks upon its landing. Papa Smurf tells Dreamy that maybe he just dreamed it up and then heads back to the village to help Handy.

Dreamy soon sees the Smurf he had met earlier and asks who he is, and the Smurf reveals himself to be the alien from the spaceship. Dreamy goes off to tell Papa Smurf he has found the alien, but while Dreamy goes to bring him back to see the alien for himself, he only sees another Smurf, which makes Papa Smurf think that Dreamy has been working too hard. After Papa Smurf leaves Dreamy alone with the alien masquerading as a Smurf, Dreamy gets so upset with the alien that he says he never wants to see him again. The alien then changes back to his original form and walks off, only to find when he searches his pockets that a crystal he was carrying had dropped out while he was upside down as a Smurf.


Promo for the episode on many DVD releases.

Meanwhile, Handy and Clumsy are busy looking for a straight sturdy stick that they could use as an axle pin. In his search for one, Clumsy stumbles over a crystal and looks at it, thinking that this might be good enough for an axle pin. He takes it over to Handy, who examines it for himself, never seeing anything like it, and thinks that the crystal might work. Soon it is pounded into the axle, and Handy is now ready to test out the water wheel. He calls for Hefty to open the sluice gate, and soon water pours out of the village dam to turn the water wheel. However, the crystal now used for an axle pin starts to glow, and then the water wheel ends up spinning faster and faster. Papa Smurf asks what Handy has used for the axle pin, and Handy simply says that he's never seen anything like it. Papa Smurf tries to get the axle pin out, but the wind generated from the water wheel is too strong and blows him away.

Soon the water wheel breaks off and continues to spin and generate powerful winds that make the Smurfs in the village worry. Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs that they must take shelter in the caves. As they rush to safety with Dreamy pulling Papa Smurf in, Smurfette asks could be causing the water wheel to spin so fast, and Papa Smurf simply doesn't have the answer. But Dreamy knows what could be the cause: a crystal he has seen earlier that came from the alien's ship. He rushes out to get the crystal, but ends up being blown around by the wind until he meets the alien again and tells him about the crystal he saw in the water wheel. The alien transports himself and Dreamy to the water wheel and then uses his levitation powers to remove the crystal from the water wheel.

Papa Smurf sees that the winds have died down and so he and his little Smurfs leave the cave to find Dreamy, who was now watching the alien depart with his crystal. But then the water wheel falls out of the sky and rolls straight down the incline toward the alien. Dreamy dives to pull the alien out of the water wheel's path before it crashes. The alien gratefully thanks Dreamy for saving his life before he departs again. Then the Smurfs find Dreamy and ask him how he managed to stop the water wheel. Dreamy tries to tell them that it was the alien who did it, but none of his fellow Smurfs believe him and simply walk off. Dreamy sighs at the thought of nobody believing him, but then Papa Smurf comes and says that he does believe in the possibility that it might be true. And then he sees a shining star in the sky, with the alien communicating his goodbye to Dreamy through a beam, before it takes off. And Papa Smurf now says that he does believe, with Dreamy feeling relieved and excited at his first real alien encounter.