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RaceToy bear
OccupationToy companion
First AppearanceSeason 5 ("Things That Go Smurf In The Night")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Featured in the episode "Things That Go Smurf In The Night", Huggy was the teddy bear of Snappy Smurfling and was missing. The Smurflings and Papa Smurf helped search the house top to bottom but Huggy was no where to be found, and Snappy was in no condition to sleep, so Papa Smurf let Snappy sleep at his hut. Papa Smurf told Snappy that Huggy used to be his teddy when he was a Smurfling and said that he was magic if he was believed in.

Puppy had dragged Huggy into the woods and Snappy, who couldn't sleep, went out to look for Huggy. Gargamel had accidentally stumbled upon the village and went after puppy and Snappy when he had found Huggy. Gargamel was going to have him for a snack but Snappy refused to give up and shouted that he believed in Huggy. Gargamel dismissed this easily, until puppy was scared of the rising bear behind him. Huggy was able to talk and put Snappy on his shoulder, and chased Gargamel away from the village. Huggy told Snappy that he was growing up and would soon have to give him to a young Smurf who needed him. Snappy heeded his friend's words and gave the magical bear to Baby Smurf.

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Baby Smurf sleeping soundly with his new magical friend, thanks to Snappy

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