The Great Plentiful 2
The Great Plentiful and Ample, with the Horn Of Plenty
Horn Of Plenty
CreatorPossibly the Plentifuls
PurposeProvides food
First AppearanceSeason 6

Cartoon Icon

The Horn Of Plenty is a magic item that appears in the cartoon show episode "The Horn Of Plenty". It is owned by the Great Plentiful, the ruler of the Land Of Plenty, who provides food for his subjects by blowing into the horn, which produces whatever kind of food is requested from the horn.

In the episode, the Smurfs visit the Land Of Plenty to ask the Great Plentiful for use of the horn when the village and the Smurf Forest suffered a terrible famine accidentally caused by Mother Nature. However, the Great Plentiful refused to share his food with outsiders, even when his son Ample suggested it. When Gargamel, Azrael, and Scruple invaded the land and the evil wizard and his cat chased after the Smurfs, the Great Plentiful used the horn to chase the terrible twosome away. Unfortunately, Scruple sneaked up from behind the ruler's throne and stole the horn, making off with it while the Plentifuls got out of breath trying to chase after him.

Scruple tried to show Gargamel that they could use the horn to provide themselves with endless food to eat all winter. However, Gargamel was only interested in eating Smurfs and so had Scruple blow a big pile of smurfberries to lure the Smurfs toward him. The Smurfs who flew off toward Gargamel's castle in order to get the horn back were all captured except for Greedy and Ample. They headed toward the village in order to get help from the Smurfs, but instead ran into a pack of wild hungry boars and had them crash Gargamel's dinner plans of making Smurf stew while the Smurfs escaped with the horn, filling the forest with enough food for the animals to eat before returning it to its rightful owner. The Great Plentiful learned from this and decided that sharing his food was better.

In the episode "A Fish Called Snappy", the foodie, Gluttonous the Gourmet has another horn of plenty to provide food.

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