Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep
Date of First Airing9/16/1989
Directed byRay Patterson (supervising director)
Oscar Dufau
Don Lusk
Jerry Sabry
Paul Sommer
Story byReed Robbins
Glenn Leopold
Ernie Contreras
Sean Catherine Derek

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"Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep" is a Season 9 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


Hogapatra's Jinxed Sphinx

Hogapatra hates being chiseled by a sculptor who captures more than her "beauty".

It is ancient Egypt, and Hogapatra, the queen of the Nile, is comfortably resting on board her royal ship traveling down the river, excited over having her own face appear on a Sphinx. She hasn't slept for days just thinking about it, but now she says she has bags under her eyes. While Raman her faithful vulture fans the reclining queen, another servant of hers offers a beauty treatment that would make her look years younger -- a facial clamp that will make her look like she's had years of beauty sleep. However, when Hogapatra asks for a mirror to see how she looks now, the clamp gives way, causing her face to revert back to the way it was before. Angered, she has Raman kick the failed servant off her boat.

Meanwhile, the magical time whirlwind appears and dumps the time-traveling Smurfs somewhere in Egypt, with their clothes changed to fit that time period and region. Smurfette likes how she appears, but Hefty isn't so pleased about appearing in "a dress", an emotion seconded by Grouchy. Grandpa Smurf, unfazed by his appearance, proceeds with gathering up the time crystals, telling the younger Smurfs that they better collect them or else they'll never get back home to their village.

Somewhere else along the Nile, Hogapatra is posing for the sculptor Artses Craftses who's busy chiseling her likeness upon the Sphinx, asking him if he's capturing her monumental beauty. The sculptor appeases her by saying that he's capturing her spitting image (which, he mumbles to himself, makes him want to spit). She gets up to take a look, and is repulsed by seeing that he has left those bags under her eyes. Artses Craftses says that he is an artist, and what he sees is what she gets. Hogapatra then kicks the scaffolding out from under the sculptor, leaving him hanging by her Sphinx's nose while she goes off figuring out a way to get rid of those bags under her eyes before she tries out another Sphinx.

Soon the time-traveling Smurfs find themselves before the Great Pyramids, which Grandpa Smurf says is one of the great wonders of the world, a sight that truly amazes Papa Smurf. Smurfette sees where they are as being a great place to set up camp, and the other young Smurfs also seem to agree, eagerly wanting to stop there. As Grandpa Smurf sees that Lazy is resting peacefully on the spot where they are, he decides that this is the perfect place to set up camp. Meanwhile, Hogapatra is in her bedchamber reading through a scroll when she finds where it says that to obtain a perfect beauty sleep, one must obtain the pillow of a great sleeper. Eager to get her hands on it, the queen gets on board her pet vulture, who struggles to take off with his passenger.

Handy and Brainy are busy setting up their own pyramids by using a crane that the inventor Smurf has created, with Brainy trying to give directions and advice, and Handy trying to use his best judgment, when he accidentally drops a stone on Brainy's foot. Lazy, who was resting nearby, gets up and decides to take his pillow elsewhere. Soon he is snoring away right next to a resting camel, who finds himself out-snored and moves away from Lazy, when Hogapatra is flying overhead, noticing the beautiful sound of sleep below. She has Raman swoop down so she can grab Lazy's pillow, which wakes him up, only to find himself in a tug-of-war with the queen over his pillow that lifts him up and away.

Hefty, who's busy chiseling out some weights for himself to practice with, hears Lazy overhead crying out to get his pillow back. Hefty sees that Lazy is in trouble and so runs up the pyramid to the top and grabs Lazy's legs, telling him to let go. Hogapatra also tells Lazy to let go, and soon he does, sending him and Hefty tumbling back down the pyramid. Lazy is now sad because he won't get any sleep. Hefty tries to cheer Lazy up by saying he could always get another pillow, but Lazy wants that pillow that the queen now has.

As Smurfette is busy arranging flowers and Grandpa Smurf is helping Papa Smurf try another arrangement of the crystals, Hefty comes and tells the village leader about Lazy's pillow-napper. Lazy pleads for help in getting his pillow back, but Papa Smurf warns him about contact with humans, and that soon they'll have the time crystals completely arranged for another attempt to return home. But Lazy doesn't want to go back home without his pillow.

Smurfette offers Lazy a way to sleep without his pillow: a bed of lotus flowers that he could rest on. He tries it, but it doesn't get him to sleep. Hefty offers Lazy the option of reading one of Brainy's books, which he says always puts him to sleep -- something that Brainy doesn't appreciate hearing. Then Hefty offers Lazy a third solution: running up and down the side of a pyramid. Lazy pants as he goes faster and faster, trying to wear himself out, as Hefty coaches him to keep at it well into the night. He gets exhausted, but he still isn't tired enough to sleep. Lazy decides that he's going to go after his pillow. Hefty returns with some arm weights, but sees that Lazy has gone after his pillow and decides to follow him.

In her bedchamber, Hogapatra is having difficulty trying to sleep with her new pillow. She blames her lack of sleep on other things, but soon she realizes that it's the pillow that's failing to put her to sleep. She turns to the scroll again, and finds out that if the pillow fails, then she must capture the great sleeper himself and squeeze the sleep out of him. The queen jumps onto her vulture again and flies off to seek her sleeper, but after she leaves, Lazy goes in and finds his pillow, falling asleep just as he does. Soon Hogapatra picks up the sound of his snoring in her tent, and dives down to get him just as Hefty enters the tent and grabs his slumbering fellow Smurf to drag him back to camp. But Hefty is stopped, and Raman has him in his beak. The queen asks Hefty where his sleeping friend is so she can put the squeeze on him, but Hefty won't let her get her hands on him. Then Lazy comes out from under a pile of pillows and tells Hogapatra to leave Hefty alone. She tells Raman to capture Lazy, who then throws his pillow at the vulture, having it snared on his beak before he rips it apart, unleashing a cloud of feathers that makes the queen have a sneezing fit that bounces her all around the inside of her tent. A vial of sticky stuff gets on Hefty's cap, which captures a load of feathers from Lazy's pillow. Lazy grabs Hefty, and the two of them depart from the tent before Hogapatra sneezes her way into a pool of water, making her so disgusted with her being the queen of the Nile.

Back at camp, Papa Smurf scolds Lazy for putting himself and Hefty at risk, which makes him feel so ashamed about what he has done that he says he's never going to get any sleep. But as Brainy tries to use his intelligence to work at helping out Lazy's problem, the sleepless Smurf soon is at rest, sleeping right next to Hefty and his now-feathered cap. The two elder Smurfs realize that it's the pillow's feathers that put Lazy to sleep, but they're not going to tell Brainy that, as they watch him stand there looking at Lazy, thinking that he's making a joke.

Background Information

  • This is the first of two episodes that take place in ancient Egypt, the other being "Mummy Dearest".