OccupationEmpress of the Nile
Voice ActorJanet Waldo
First AppearanceSeason 9 (single episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Hogapatra is a character that appeared in the episode "Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep". She is an empress in ancient Egypt (and, quite possibly, an ancestress of the witch Hogatha) who was so excited about having her face appear on a Sphinx that she hasn't slept a wink, and now she has bags under her eyes. One of her servants tried a face clamp treatment that would make her look like she had years of beauty rest, but as she tried to look at her face, the clamp gave way, causing her face to revert back to its original appearance. Disgusted, she threw the servant off her boat. Later, posing for the sculptor Artses Craftses, a very meticulous artist who sculpted what he saw, Hogapatra saw that he has kept the bags under her eyes in her Sphinx face likeness and so kicked the scaffolding out from under him, leaving him hanging by her Sphinx's nose while she goes off to find a way to get the bags out from under her eyes.

Looking through one of her scrolls, Hogapatra found that it says one must obtain the pillow of a great sleeper in order to obtain perfect beauty sleep. Eager to get her hands on that pillow, she flew off with her pet vulture Raman and searched until she hears Lazy snoring away on his pillow near the Smurf camp. Diving down, she snatched Lazy's pillow and was caught in a tug-of-war with Lazy over it until Hefty grabbed his legs and told him to let go, which he did, leaving him without any way that he could get to sleep.

That night, Hogapatra tried to get to sleep with Lazy's pillow, but was unable to. She found in her scroll that, if the pillow fails, one must get a great sleeper and squeeze the sleep out of him. Again she flew off with Raman in order to find him, only to hear Lazy in her tent sleeping away with his pillow. However, Hefty was there in the tent trying to rescue Lazy and was almost at the door with the slumbering Smurf when Hogapatra stopped him at the door, eager to get her hands on Lazy. When Hefty was in her clutches, Lazy rescued him by tossing his pillow at Raman, who then broke the pillow apart, unleashing a cloud of feathers that made Hogapatra sneeze out of control. Hefty and Lazy both left her tent as Hogapatra sneezed her way into a pool of water, causing her to curse her being the queen of the Nile.

Like her descendant Hogatha, her character was voiced by Janet Waldo.

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