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Title Translation of
Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer
FrenchLe Handicap du Schtroumpf Costaud
SpanishFortachon y Pitufina
GermanHefty und der Rollschlumpfer
ItalianForzuto e la puffa a rotelle
DutchPotige en de Smurfstoel

"Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer" is a Season 4 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


As the story begins, Hefty is leaping higher and higher upon the trampoline while his fellow Smurfs watch, cheering him on. And then suddenly he hits the underbelly of a passing goose in flight, and he lands hard on the ground. Hefty feels like he is in pain, and after a brief and very careless examination by Brainy, he realizes that he has a broken leg. Soon he is laid up in bed with his leg in a cast and Papa Smurf telling him he would need to keep off his leg for 10 to 12 weeks until it is healed. This makes Hefty so upset and tearful because now he can't do what he normally loves doing, which is his exercises.

Hefty Crying

Hefty gets a bad break and doesn't like how it feels.

Meanwhile, Gargamel is so excited that his new pet from Africa has arrived that he opens the crate, eager to use it against the Smurfs, until the head of a large snake pops out, scaring both the wizard and his cat Azrael. However, Gargamel isn't scared for long, though Azrael remains perched on a high mantle, for this snake is a boa constrictor that he intends to use as a replacement for his cat. To make sure the snake wouldn't harm its new master, Gargamel sprinkles some magic dust upon it, then he pulls out a flute and plays a tune to put the snake under his control with some music. Satisfied with the result, Gargamel proceeds to call his new pet the Smurf Crusher.

Hefty Laid Up In Bed

Being laid up in bed with a broken leg and not being able to exercise is no picnic, either.

Back in the village, Hefty endures the visits of his fellow Smurfs as they come to see how he's doing, with Smurfette and Baby Smurf being the only two Smurfs that he allows to see him at first. However, after allowing more Smurfs in to visit him, Hefty sees that he would rather be alone when Greedy accidentally dumps a giant cake on his broken leg and Brainy comments on Hefty being weak in his condition as he cleans up the mess. After Hefty dismisses everybody from his house, they go to tell Papa Smurf about how hopeless Hefty may be feeling, to which he says that they must find a way for Hefty to help himself.

This inspires Handy to come up with something for his friend to get up and about. He shows Hefty his new invention, the wheelsmurfer, which would allow him to go just about anywhere that he would normally go on foot. After watching a demonstration of the invention, Hefty refuses it, saying that if he can't go about on his own steam, then he won't go about at all. Handy seems put off by the refusal and tells Hefty that it's up to him if he wants to get up and about.

Out in the forest, Gargamel tries training his new pet boa constrictor by using hand puppets of the Smurfs so that the snake would know who it's supposed to crush. However, the snake only sees the puppets as Smurfs and thus wraps itself around Gargamel's hands and then around his body, putting him in a constricting hold while Azrael laughs.

Hefty's Wheelsmurfer

Hefty gets back into the action with the wheelsmurfer.

Meanwhile, the Smurfs are trying to have fun playing smurfball over a net as Hefty continues to watch through his window, wishing to be part of the action. However, the smurfball players feel that the game is no fun anymore now that Hefty decided to quit. This makes Hefty respond by getting on the wheelsmurfer and wheeling himself out into the playfield, saying that he doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit". The Smurfs cheer, seeing that their friend is up and about, and they're willing to help Hefty get adjusted to getting about on the wheelsmurfer while still doing the things he loved doing, including playing smurfball.

One day, out in the forest, the Smurfs are busy picking smurfberries off bushes, with Hefty doing the same from his wheelsmurfer, when Gargamel encounters them and starts playing his flute to send his pet boa constrictor after them. The Smurfs try to flee, but the snake cuts off their escape by wrapping itself in a coil around them, ready to put the squeeze on them as Gargamel watches, laughing at their eventual demise. Hefty, who along with Baby Smurf was not captured, sees that his fellow Smurfs are in danger and that he needs to rescue them.

He then wheels himself out into the open, making Gargamel wonder what possible harm a disabled Smurf could do him, until Hefty runs circles around the snake and gets it to release the captured Smurfs. Gargamel tells the snake not to let the Smurfs get away, but as they flee, they knock over the wizard and get him to drop the flute. Papa Smurf then has the Smurfs carry the flute away to keep it from Gargamel while Hefty continues to lure the snake around a winding obstacle course of smurfberry bushes until he thinks he lost the snake...and then sees that it is right behind him and Baby Smurf, ready to strike. Baby Smurf then plays a musical tune from the wheelsmurfer's horn, which then causes the snake to be under Baby's control. Papa Smurf then tells Hefty to play the horn, and so with Hefty now controlling the snake, he sends it to go after Gargamel to chase him away.

With Gargamel and the snake now gone, Papa Smurf and the rest of the Smurfs congratulate Hefty for his bravery. Hefty says that he couldn't have done it without his trusty wheelsmurfer. And Baby Smurf plays the Smurf song from the wheelsmurfer's horn as the story ends.


  • The Spanish dub of the episode uses the title "Fortachon y Pitufina", despite the fact that most of the focus is on Hefty and the wheelsmurfer.


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