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Title Translation of
Hefty's Heart
FrenchLe Schtroumpf Costaud a du cœur
SpanishEl corazón de Fortachón
GermanHeftys Liebe
ItalianIl filtro dell'odio
DutchEen potig hart
PolishSerce Osilka
Yellow Hate Disease

Yellow X marks the spot

"Hefty's Heart" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

In Gargamel's castle's, the evil wizard rejoices in that he has found a new way to destroy the Smurfs -- hate juice. He clearly is excited at the possibility of using it. Meanwhile, in the Smurf Village, Hefty is busy being such a good friend to his fellow Smurfs -- helping to carry Smurfette's baskets of flowers, helping to carry Greedy's cakes to the party table, offering to give Baby Smurf a bath when he sees the infant playing in mud, and taking over with blowing up balloons for Brainy. The other Smurfs don't seem to mind the help, while Papa Smurf looks up at the sky and hopes that it doesn't rain before he goes to see how party preparations are coming along.

Things in Gargamel's castle, however, aren't so cheery with the evil wizard ranting about things like birds singing outside and there being too much sunlight. He is pondering about how to get the hate juice into the Smurfs so he can turn them into hateful little creatures. He runs through a few ideas before coming across one inspired by Azrael's constant scratching. He picks up his cat and pulls off the flea that has been bothering him. Back at the Smurf Village, Papa wonders what to do with Lazy, who is supposed to collect firewood hours ago when Hefty arrives to give Lazy a helping hand. As Hefty leaves happily with the wheelbarrow to collect the wood, Smurfette tells Papa Smurf that she loves Hefty, while the latter agrees that Hefty is the finest Smurf.

Meanwhile, after Gargamel gives his flea a drink of hate juice, he then takes it carrying the hate juice out into the forest, where he finds Hefty happily chopping wood from a tree for his friends. He lets his flea go loose to hop his way over to Hefty, who is unaware of it until too late, and bite him in the arm, which causes his heart tattoo to change into a yellow X. It also causes a change in Hefty's behavior, where he ends up kicking a log, which lets Gargamel know it is now working.

Back at the village, Smurfette and Clumsy are straining to lift a load of flowers up to a Smurf tower with Brainy directing them when they see Hefty return. They call out for his help, but he rudely tells them to go help themselves, which causes the two Smurfs to drop the load of flowers on Brainy. Hefty becomes more rude at the party, cutting before other Smurfs in line and telling Baby Smurf to beat it. Then Hefty passes by Lazy and yanks him off his hammock, laughing at what he did. Later Smurfette finds Hefty by himself while she is looking for Baby Smurf and wonders what's wrong, but Hefty tells her it's none of her business as he goes into his house and closes the door on her.

Smurfette goes to tell Papa Smurf about Hefty's behavior at the party and that she saw a yellow X on his arm. This makes the village leader go through his books to find out what the yellow X is about, and he discovers that it is a sign of the Yellow Hate Disease. He realizes that it is contagious, so he goes to tell all his little Smurfs that they are all confined to their own houses until he finds the cure. But Hefty refuses to stay confined and tells Papa Smurf that he's the one who's sick, not himself. Papa Smurf tells Hefty that he must leave the village if he won't stay in his house, which Hefty gladly obliges. He packs up his things and tells all the other Smurfs that he isn't coming back.

On a rainy day, though, Smurfette goes out into the forest to find Hefty and give him some smurfberry goodies. Meanwhile, Gargamel is out collecting snails in the forest while Azrael goes off and finds Hefty sleeping in a cave. Back in the village, Papa Smurf tells Brainy that he hasn't yet found a cure, and that all he knows is that the Yellow Hate Disease is spread by a flea.

In Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard is busy counting snails that he has collected when Azrael shows up carrying Hefty in his mouth. Gargamel scolds his cat for catching the only Smurf that can spread the Yellow Hate Disease. Hefty simply tells the wizard, "who cares?" But Gargamel, knowing that the Smurfs do care about him, places him in a cage and waits for them to come rescue him.

Smurfette returns to the village and has Harmony call the Smurfs to attention to warn them about Azrael now having Hefty. Papa Smurf, hearing the summons, decides to form a rescue party. Gargamel, meanwhile, prepares for the Smurfs' coming and paints the top of the table with glue so he can capture them. As Papa Smurf's rescue party gets close to Gargamel's castle, Brainy wonders why Gargamel doesn't catch the Yellow Hate Disease, and Papa Smurf answers that he must have caught it long ago. However, even if they do rescue Hefty, Papa Smurf tells Brainy that there's nothing he can do about the disease.

While Gargamel hides Azrael in the closet and feigns going to sleep, Papa Smurf's rescue party jumps through the open window onto the table top that's all covered in glue. Hefty laughs as he sees his fellow Smurfs caught in Gargamel's trap. Gargamel then joins in on the capture, telling Papa Smurf that with the number of Smurfs he now has, he can make gold. Before doing anything further with the Smurfs, the evil wizard decides to humiliate them: he takes away Brainy's glasses, breaks Vanity's mirror, crushes Harmony's horn, and grinds Handy's pencil into dust, with Hefty mocking his fellow Smurfs. Then Gargamel turns his attention on Papa Smurf, telling the village leader that he's long overdue for a haircut and a shave, which gives pause to Hefty's mockery as he realizes someone important he loves is now in danger.

The Smurfs on the table cry for Hefty's help as Gargamel is sharpening a razor that he intends to use on Papa Smurf. Hefty is left struggling with what to do when Papa Smurf tries to reason with Hefty to find what love he has left within himself. The struggle within causes the yellow X mark to alternate with his heart tattoo. And then, when Gargamel is ready to use the razor on Papa Smurf, Hefty finally breaks out of his cage and dumps the cauldron of hot glue onto the floor near Gargamel, causing him to drop Papa Smurf into his arms. Hefty then uses a pole from the broken cage to pull the captured Smurfs out of their pants and have them leap out the window where they can run to safety before he and Papa Smurf joins them. Gargamel raves that he will get them if that's the last thing he will ever do.

Back in the village, Hefty feels glad to have his old heart back, and Papa Smurf tells Hefty that nothing could have driven out the hate that was inside him except for the drop of love that was left in his heart. Meanwhile, Brainy, Handy, Vanity, and Harmony are impatiently waiting for Tailor to hurry up with the pants while they are wearing barrels!


  • Gargamel actually uses a razor on Papa Smurf in the 2011 Smurfs movie to shave off a bit of his beard for his Smurf essence extractor.
  • In the syndicated version, some moments had been edited out:
    • Hefty gives Lazy a helping hand to collect the firewood, and Gargamel gives his flea a drink of the hate juice before taking it out to the woods.
    • The Smurfs are having a party - only to be ruined by Hefty.


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