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Title Translation of
Hats Off To Smurfs
FrenchLe bonnet maléfique
SpanishEl gorro de Vanidoso
GermanHüte ab vor den Schlümpfen
ItalianAttenti al cappello... Puffi!
DutchMutsje af voor de Smurfen

"Hats Off To Smurfs" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

In the Smurf Village, Smurfette is busy showing off her dresses to Vanity, who seems to be commenting on her clothes with total disinterest. Smurfette notices that Vanity looks depressed and asks what is wrong, and Vanity replies that he is simply bored. Smurfette suggests to Vanity that he should try something new to cheer himself up, and Vanity immediately takes her up on the suggestion by heading straight for Tailor's workshop and asking for something new. The village clothesmaker is all too eager to offer his friend what is "new" and hands him a bunch of hats that Vanity tries out, only to find him rejecting each one and tossing them away. Vanity makes a suggestion to Tailor that he should make something in red like what Papa Smurf wears or something that is truly new and distinguished. This makes Tailor so mad that he throws Vanity out of his shop, shouting that Smurf clothes are white, traditional, and very distinguished.

Meanwhile, Gargamel is busy creating a magical cloth with which he intends to use to destroy the Smurfs and is wondering what to create with the cloth when inspiration hits him. He then creates a Smurf hat which he puts out into the forest for an unsuspecting Smurf to pick up and wear, but before he goes off, he casts a spell on the hat: "Oh, yellow hat, oh, listen do, one drop of dew or wet on blue will turn a Smurf from blue to goo." Then Smurfette and Vanity go off into the forest to pick flowers when Vanity notices the yellow hat and decides he should try it on. Smurfette tries to caution him, but Vanity couldn't resist and soon finds himself praising Tailor for his talents. The other Smurfs in the village notice Vanity with the new hat and also notices that he looks different in it, which Vanity apparently seems to like as he truly considers it "new".
Vanity With Yellow Hat

Vanity's new hat

At night, when the Smurfs nod off to sleep, Vanity examines himself one last time with the new hat before he decides to wash his face and head for bed. However, when he does wash up, he notices that a few spots and some scales appear on his face. Quickly he heads for Smurfette's house to show her the blemishes that have now appeared, which makes her worried. Vanity asks if there's something she could do to help him, and she offers a bit of face powder which she applies on his face. Vanity sees that the powder isn't working, but Smurfette says that it doesn't appear bad and that he should wash his face with plenty of soap and water.

At his house, Vanity tries to wash his face again, but now a flower grows on the tip of his nose. He splashes on more water, and his face becomes even more distorted. Covering his face with a handkerchief, Vanity quickly races to Smurfette's house to tell her that he's now allergic to her face powder. Smurfette assures him that it's only bluebell dust and asks if she could see his face. He refuses to let her see at first, but when Smurfette says she can't help him if she can't see what's wrong, he unmasks himself and she recoils at his latest appearance. Smurfette decides to get Papa Smurf to examine him, which he does in the privacy of Vanity's house.
Vanity is ashamed

Smurfette helping Vanity

After asking a few questions, Papa Smurf notices the hat on Vanity's head and decides to ask Tailor about it, which he answers is not one of his hats. Papa Smurf then tells Vanity to remove the hat so he could examine it, which Vanity at first refuses to do so, saying that a Smurf without a hat isn't a Smurf at all, but at Papa Smurf's insistence tries to do so, only to find that the hat is now stuck on his head. After Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and Tailor fail in trying to remove Vanity's hat, Smurfette suggests that if the hat were wet, they could slip it off. Vanity then quickly runs to soak his head in a bucket of water, but then they notice that his face is now covered in what appears to be green slime. Vanity is so horrified that he smashes all the mirrors in his house, saying that he never wants to see himself again.
Poor vanity

Poor Vanity

Three days pass, and at Vanity's house there are flowers, food, and gifts left at his door. Smurfette tries to get Vanity out his house, but Vanity keeps telling Smurfette to go away while wearing a bucket on his head. Papa Smurf eventually discovers that the hat is made with a magical cloth that could only come from Gargamel, and so he tells his little Smurfs that he has a plan in which they can help Vanity by making a hat for Gargamel, but they must first pay a visit to Gargamel's house at night to take a sample of the cloth which the evil wizard has used to make the hat. After none of the Smurfs offer to be volunteers for going with Papa Smurf to Gargamel's lair, the village leader selects some Smurfs to go with him. Smurfette doesn't see how making a hat for Gargamel would help Vanity, and Papa Smurf explains that everybody has a bit of vanity in them, and the only reason Gargamel might be willing to help Vanity is to help himself.

After the Smurfs successfully get the cloth sample they need from Gargamel, Tailor stitches it up into a human-sized hat and then Papa Smurf has some birds carry it to a nearby pond to fill it up with water. At the door of Gargamel's house, Papa Smurf casts his own spell on the hat: "Oh, yellow hat, oh, listen do, one drop of dew will surely do to turn this wizard into goo and blue." He then knocks on the door to get Gargamel's attention, which after he opens the birds drop the hat on Gargamel's head, soaking him and causing his face to be blue and disfigured. Like Vanity, Gargamel also can't get the hat off his head. Papa Smurf offers to help Gargamel with his predicament if he would help him with Vanity's, but Gargamel refuses to do so until Papa Smurf decides to leave him, and so gives him the list of ingredients for the antidote with the hope that Papa Smurf would also offer it to him when it's complete. Papa Smurf promises that he will do so.

Soon with the completed antidote, Vanity's natural beauty is restored, and so also is Gargamel's, making him feel grateful to see himself again. The other Smurfs gather around Vanity, who proudly appears before them again unashamed, with Smurfette saying that it's great to see him again. Vanity says that it's great being seen, to which Grouchy says, "I hate being seen".

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