Also Known AsJames ("The Golden Smurf Award" episode)
Edgar ("Bungling Babysitters" episode)
OccupationTransportation/Familiar for Hogatha
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 1

Cartoon Icon

Harold is the usual name of Hogatha's pet vulture, whom she uses to travel anywhere she wants to go since she's usually small enough to be carried by him. He can be summoned to appear by using her bird call. His relationship with her parallels that of Azrael to Gargamel, and he gets along with the cat with the same animosity as his mistress does with the cat's master. One episode has Hogatha attempting to kidnap Baby Smurf in order to gain "baby soft skin", but the vulture interferes with the process and gets stuck in the machine, causing Hogatha to shriek in horror now that she has a vulture head just like his. He is also referred to as James and Edgar in other episodes.

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