A pinup picture of the real Harlequin

Gargamel posing as Harlequin

AlignmentUnknown for the real version; evil for the fake version
Voice ActorPaul Winchell (as fake Harlequin)
First AppearanceSeason 3
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Harlequin was a famous wizard whom Hogatha had amorous feelings for in the episode "Hogatha's Heart Throb". She wanted to meet him so desperately, she flew off toward his castle on Harold her pet vulture, but didn't get far because her vulture was too slow.

In her run-in with Gargamel, he made a claim that he personally knew Harlequin, which made Hogatha strike a deal with him, that she would give him a magic whistle that attracted Smurfs from miles around if he would set up a date for her with Harlequin. Gargamel accepted, but secretly plotted to get into Hogatha's castle to get her magic whistle, so he dressed himself up as Harlequin, using a fake beard for his disguise.

Later on that night, Hogatha met the fake Harlequin, whom she made many advances upon because she was so excited over having him in person, not knowing that it was Gargamel. However, after Gargamel took off with her magic whistle, Hogatha found the fake beard on her face and realized that it was Gargamel impersonating Harlequin.

Soon Hogatha found Gargamel when he had used the magic whistle, which turned out to be her own bird call, and had him spinning around on top of her music box as punishment.

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