Grouchous 5
Grouchus Smurfus
RaceStatue in Smurf form
Voice ActorMichael Bell
First AppearanceSeason 9 ("The Monumental Grouch")

Cartoon IconSmurfs Village Icon

Grouchus Smurfus is a statue made by Painter Smurf when the Smurfs were in Ancient Greece in the episode "The Monumental Grouch". He looks like Grouchy Smurf, except his personality is the opposite of Grouchy's. He was sent off by the circle of heroes to prove himself worthy of staying there. He found the Smurfs soon, who welcomed him with open arms. He stayed with Grouchy, who found different ways to try getting rid of him because his "niceness" annoyed him. But after Grouchus sacrificed himself for Grouchy, he warmed up to the living statue. Grouchus was later rebuilt by the statues of other great heroes and was allowed to stand among them.

Like his living counterpart, Grouchus was voiced by Michael Bell.

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