Race TypeHumanoid
ResidenceOuter space
First AppearanceSeason 4 ("The Bad Place")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

The Grimies are an alien race that visited the Smurf Village in the cartoon show episode "The Bad Place". They are humanoid beings who seem to be made entirely of organic mud and exist as a family unit, with a father, a mother, two children, and a baby. They tend to excrete a lot of mud by just simply touching an object or person.

In the episode, the Grimies' moon ship landed in the Smurf Village because it was badly in need of repair. Prior to their landing, as it was hovering over the village, it was accidentally pelting Greedy, Lazy, Brainy, and Smurfette with mud, making them think that it was Jokey playing a prank on them. However, the Smurfs with Jokey present witness Clumsy getting pelted with mud, which made them realize that there's an alien ship present. After it landed right on top of Brainy's house, Clumsy got close to one of the moon ship's craters and was sucked into it, soon to be examined by the Grimies who posed no threat unto the Smurfs. Papa Smurf and his group of Smurfs found Clumsy was unharmed and so introduced themselves to the Grimies and then later introduced the Grimies to the other Smurfs. Most of the Smurfs were rather reluctant to have the Grimies stay with them until their ship was repaired, and Vanity stayed in his house until they were gone.

Relations between the Smurfs and the Grimies were difficult at first, as the Grimies made a mess of whatever they got their hands on, and then later when the Grimies saw that the Smurfs had everything and decided to steal their possessions so that they could have everything as well. Brainy in response to the Grimies' presence had formed a protest rally to have the Grimies leave the Smurf Village at once, to which Grimy Daddy responded by saying that the Smurf Village is their home. The conflict between the two groups started to make Baby Grimy cry, and Baby Smurf responded by giving Baby Grimy his rattle to play with, which Papa Smurf saw as an act of friendship without prejudice.

Learning from the example of Baby Smurf, the other Smurfs decided it would be best to become friends with the Grimies instead of enemies and so shared their way of living with the aliens while they learned how useful their mud was for Smurf society. Soon, with the ship repaired by Handy and Miner and covered with fresh healthy smurfberry bushes planted by Farmer and Smurfette, the Grimies and the Smurfs happily made their goodbyes to each other before the moon ship departed.

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