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Title Translation of
Greedy Goes On Strike
FrenchLa Démission du Schtroumpf Gourmand
GermanTorti streikt
ItalianGolosone entra in sciopero
DutchSmulsmurf gaat staken

Greedy Goes On Strike was an episode that appeared in Season 6 of the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary


The story begins in the village at breakfast, where Greedy is serving his fellow Smurfs smurfberry muffins, and several Smurfs agree that the smurfberry muffins are getting old after a few hundred years. Concerned, Greedy promises that lunch will be extra special -- but when it comes around, they just rush and grab their meals without showing any gratitude for his hard work, except for Smurfette who invites him to dinner that night. However, it is revealed that she meant for him to make the dinner for her and several other guests, sending him into a fit of rage. He proclaims to be on strike, leaving the other Smurfs to fend for themselves when it comes to making meals. This makes the other Smurfs upset that Greedy would dare to do such a thing, but Papa Smurf tells them that Smurfs like Greedy need to have some time off for themselves.

While Greedy is spending time by himself enjoying his own cooking, the other Smurfs take their turns trying to provide meals for their fellow Smurfs, each with varying results. Shortly afterwards, Greedy is having his own private picnic in the woods when two Gnomes come across him, realize that he is a talented chef, and kidnap him. They bring him to their (grossly obese) king and he offers Greedy to be his new chef, as he is very much impressed by his cooking skills. At first Greedy is eager to serve him, but soon realizes that the king is less appreciative of him than the Smurfs were. Unfortunately, when he tries to quit, the king tells his soldiers to put him in the dungeon. Through his brief imprisonment -- to think about whether or not he will continue serving the king -- Greedy befriends the king's son, who has been neglected by his father due to his insatiable appetite. The Gnome Prince promises to help him escape by finding the Smurfs.

Meanwhile, the Smurfs back in the village realize very quickly that they were wrong to take their friend for granted, so Papa Smurf takes a few Smurfs with him to retrieve Greedy. When they arrive in the realm of the Gnomes, Papa tells the king that Greedy will stay and they will help him prepare a meal which will surpass all meals before. It turns out that this was a plan to make all the gnomes sleepy so they would free the imprisoned chefs and then escape. Unfortunately, Clumsy accidentally causes a gnome to wake up before they can leave and the Smurfs are captured.

Just as the king is about to order his soldiers to put the Smurfs in the dungeon, his son barges in and threatens to leave if he doesn't change his ways: he says that he has received more attention and interest from Greedy Smurf than he has from his own father in years, prompting a conflict. He tries to explain that he does love his son and to prove it, he frees the Smurfs as well as the imprisoned chefs and promises to be more considerate of his feelings.

Before leaving back home to feed the Smurfs, who now show a bit more appreciation for Greedy's hard work as the village chef, Greedy puts the Gnome King on a three-smurfberries-a-day diet to help put him back in shape.

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