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Great Chief
Great Chief
RaceGrey Smurf
OccupationVillage leader
First AppearanceThe Smurf Menace
UniverseComic Books

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Not to be confused with another character, The Chief.

The Great Chief (original French name Grand Chef) is a Grey Smurf doppelganger of Papa Smurf who appeared in the comic book story "The Smurf Menace". He was created along with the Grey Smurfs by Papa Smurf to teach his little Smurfs a lesson about fighting among themselves over petty things. Like the rest of the Grey Smurfs, his clothes are darker and he also has red eyes. His personality as a village leader was more authoritarian than paternal as with Papa Smurf. He also has a notable disdain for the use of magic and alchemy, as the laboratory in the Grey Smurf Village has been left in great disarray, focusing more on using physical weapons and military force than on using magic.

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