Great Chief
Great Leader
RaceGray Smurf
OccupationVillage leader
First AppearanceThe Smurf Menace
UniverseComic Books

Comics Icon

The Great Leader (original French name Grand Chef) is a Gray Smurf doppelganger of Papa Smurf who appeared in the comic book story "The Smurf Menace". He was created along with the Gray Smurfs by Papa Smurf to teach his little Smurfs a lesson about fighting among themselves over petty things. Like the rest of the Gray Smurfs, his clothes are darker and he also has red eyes. His personality as a village leader was more authoritarian than paternal as with Papa Smurf. He also has a notable disdain for the use of magic and alchemy, as the laboratory in the Gray Smurf Village has been left in great disarray, focusing more on using physical weapons and military force than on using magic.

In the story, the Great Leader meets with two of the original Smurfs that his Gray Smurfs have captured and decide to hold them prisoner for trying to steal "his sarsaparilla plants", until Papa Smurf came to the Grey Smurf Village and offered him gifts in exchange for their freedom. Papa Smurf also extended to the Great Leader the offer of attending a party that the original Smurfs were hosting, which the Great Leader initially refused, but later changed his mind and brought his little Gray Smurfs along. The day after the party, the Great Leader worked with Papa Smurf and his little Smurfs to build a canal that would channel water from the lake that the dam was holding back in order to deliver water to the Gray Smurf Village. However, that in the process denied the original Smurfs to have any water for their crops, and had ordered his gray Smurfs to keep the original Smurfs from having access to the water from the dam. When the Gray Smurfs started robbing harvested food from the forest from the original Smurfs and Hefty decided to pick a fight with the robbers and send them back to their village with nothing but bruises, the Great Leader demanded for Papa Smurf to deliver Hefty unto him or else there would be war. When Papa Smurf refused, the Great Leader had his Gray Smurfs attack the village, destroying houses and spellbooks and capturing all the original Smurfs and bringing them to the Gray Smurf Village where they would serve as prisoners. When Papa Smurf finally made up the antidote that would make the Gray Smurfs he magically created disappear, the Great Leader tried to get the vial containing the formula out of the original Smurfs' hands and not opened, but Jokey tripped up Gray Brainy as he tried to deliver the vial to the Great Leader, causing the vial to shatter and unleash the formula's power, causing the Great Leader and all his Gray Smurfs to disappear.

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