Grey Brainy
Gray Brainy Smurf
RaceGray Smurf
OccupationPresumably assistant to Great Chief
First Appearance"The Smurf Menace" (comic book)
UniverseComic Books

Comics Icon

Gray Brainy Smurf is the name of the character who appears in the Smurfs comic book story "The Smurf Menace". He embodies Brainy's bad qualities: ambition, being a know-it-all and a tell-tale. Like his fellow Gray Smurfs, he wears gray clothes and has red eyes. Gray Brainy appeared at the village dam with the other Gray Smurfs to make some alterations that would channel water from the lake into the Gray Smurf Village, basically showing normal Brainy how he deals with slackers -- a trait that normal Brainy admires and thinks should be implemented with the normal Smurfs work force. He also appeared during the Gray Smurf takeover of the village, chasing after normal Brainy with a hammer. He last appeared in the Gray Smurf Village at the point where Papa Smurf had made up the antidote that would erase them from existence. Though he caught the vial that contained the antidote and prevented anyone else from opening it, normal Jokey tripped up Gray Brainy, causing him to drop the vial and shatter it on the ground, activating the antidote's power.

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