Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 7 (Prince Smurf)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Gerta is a Trokel who appears in the episode Prince Smurf.

Gerta is the daughter of King Bandorf. She appears alongside Klock, another Trokel. While with Klock she tries to get a feather for Klock and falls down a cliff and manages to grab a branch. Before she can fall, Hefty appears beside her on the branch. She grabs onto his back and he climbs them both to safety. She clamis her father will reward Hefty for this act of heroism. But the King clamis Hefty will marry Gerta.

Gerta protests. claiming she wants to marry Klock. But the King is persistant, saying Klock is too much of a coward. At the wedding, Gerta runs from the alter crying. Causing her to fall down another cliff and her cape catches on a branch. Hefty cannot reach her so Klock creates wings from his feather collection. He swoops down and grabs Gerta. The King is amazed at Klock's bravery and agrees she can marry Klock.

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