OccupationPizza chef
First AppearanceSeason 9 ("Greedy's Master Pizza")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Gargensole is a human character who appeared in the cartoon show Season 9 episode "Greedy's Master Pizza". He is a pizza chef of a Roman city in an ancient time who is seeking to win his ruler Caesar's pizza making contest in order to become Caesar's head pizza maker and be showered with riches. He lives in a rundown kitchen with his cat Scampi and is possibly an ancestor of the evil wizard Gargamel whom he strongly resembles.

In the episode, the timelost Smurfs appear in the kitchen of Gargensole's rival Al Fresco as he was preparing the ingredients for making the contest pizza. His own attempt of making the contest pizza, however, had his cat spitting out the sample that he ate, making his master upset. At that point, Gargensole came up with an evil plan: while Al Fresco slept in his kitchen, he would sneak into the kitchen to switch Al Fresco's pizza ingredients with his own so that he would come out the winner of the contest instead of Al Fresco.

The following day, Gargensole was at the booth in front of Caesar's palace baking his pizza with the stolen ingredients from Al Fresco's kitchen and had Caesar test a sample of it when he arrived. Caesar found it to be delicious and was about to give Gargensole the first-place ribbon for his pizza when Al Fresco showed up in time to have Caesar sample his pizza from his portable pizza oven. Caesar was impressed by both the taste of the pizza and its innovative delivery system that he awarded Al Fresco the position as his head pizza maker instead of Gargensola, who was so enraged that he flipped his own pizza right onto Caesar's head, causing him and his cat Scampi to be thrown into a dungeon.

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