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Gargamel's duplicator machine was a machine that Gargamel created in the cartoon show episode "Smurfiplication " in order to make six Smurfs for his gold-making formula by capturing just one. The machine contains three potions that the victim placed on the machine must be exposed to in a specific order so that the duplication spell would have its effect.

In the episode, Brainy was the Smurf who was captured by Gargamel and placed through the duplicator machine to create six Smurfs for Gargamel. However, Gargamel and the Smurfs would soon find out that having six Brainys around was just six Brainys too many for them to handle. Papa Smurf found out how to reverse the duplication spell, which is to run the six Brainys through the machine exposing them to six times of each of the three formulas in reverse order. With Brainy being back to only one of himself, he and Papa Smurf fled Gargamel's castle before the evil wizard returned and tried to capture them, only to destroy his machine and be duplicated into six of himself. The six Gargamels tried to further duplicate themselves so that the whole world will be full of Gargamels, but in the process they ended up creating an explosion that brought Gargamel back to having only one of himself.

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