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Title Translation of
Gargamel's Sweetheart
FrenchLe Grand amour de Gargamel
SpanishGargamel se enamora
GermanGargamels Herzblatt
ItalianGargamella s'innamora
DutchGargamel's liefje

"Gargamel's Sweetheart" is a Season 7 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Gargamel and Evelyn

Gargamel loses his hairpiece over meeting the fiery redheaded Evelyn.

In the Smurf Village, Papa Smurf is getting measured in Tailor's shop for a new pair of pants, but the village leader just can't hold still for Tailor as his measurements are making Papa Smurf feel ticklish. But soon the measuring is done, and Tailor tells Papa Smurf that his new pants will be ready by the time he returns from his hike. Papa Smurf thanks Tailor as he takes his backpack and walking stick in hand, ready to get himself going, thanking the village clothes maker for taking the time for his work. No sooner has Papa Smurf left the shop, though, does Tailor get swamped with requests from his fellow Smurfs all demanding for him to work on their new clothes, with Handy bringing in a pair of pants that needs some fixing. Tailor asks when does he ever get a break from being so busy doing his work, but his question falls on deaf ears as Brainy, Vanity, and Sassette fighting to stand on the same stool together fall off and dump folds of fabric right on top of Tailor, with Brainy saying that his fellow Smurf's up to his ears in work.

In Gargamel's castle, Scruple is up to his ears in work as he does the laundry for his master while he snoozes in his hammock, complaining about how he's ever going to learn to be a great wizard when all he does is wash up after his master. Scruple says that he would rather be down at the fishing hole, and Gargamel says that it's a good idea and that they'll leave at once. Scruple cheers as he is now free from his chores and goes to get his fishing gear, but Gargamel says he never said anything about fishing. Instead, he is carrying a shovel with which he says they're going "smurfing", and says his pupil gets to dig the holes to catch the Smurfs in. Gargamel leaves the hovel saying how much he loves the Smurfs, while Scruple follows after him saying how much he hates the Smurfs.

Back in the village, Sassette sees Tailor carrying a sheaf of flax to make more linen with so he could make more clothes and thus make more work for himself. Sassette sees that her fellow Smurf needs a vacation, but Tailor says that he can't take one because there's too much work to do. Brainy's constant pestering for his new pants to be finished doesn't make things any easier, as Tailor tells him in no uncertain terms that they are not finished yet before he accidentally hits Brainy in the face with the flax. Brainy is wondering what's wrong with him, and Handy suggests that he may be just having a little fun, but Sassette doesn't agree with that opinion, saying that he's too busy to have any fun. This inspires Handy to come up with a new invention that will give Tailor all the time off he needs: an automatic sewing machine that Handy calls the Stitchomat, which automatically sews up anything Tailor can sew, only faster. As Tailor sees the new machine in action, sewing up pairs of pants in the time it would take for him to sew up a single pair, he begins to wonder.

Out in the forest, Scruple is complaining about wanting a vacation as he has dug a deep hole in the forest for his master's Smurf trap. Gargamel tells Scruple that he will send him on a vacation to the moon if he doesn't hurry up. Scruple wonders why he has to do all the dirty work while his master is the one who wants to catch Smurfs. Then Gargamel tells Scruple to be quiet as he hears a sound that makes him think a Smurf is approaching. But as he leaps out of the hole to pounce upon what he thinks is a Smurf, Gargamel yelps in pain as he finds out that it was a porcupine.

Back in the village, Tailor is trying to relax by entertaining himself with a game of checkers with Brainy when he sees Sassette's overalls has a loose thread. He pulls on it, only to have her overalls unravel at the left foot. Sassette tells Tailor not to worry because she'll just have the Stichomat make her a new pair. Brainy tells Tailor that he's real lucky to have the Stitchomat around, which makes Tailor think that relaxation is a lot more fun than work. However, at the smurfball game, Tailor finds himself distracted by a loose thread on the smurfball and ends up letting Painter kick it into the field goal. Sassette tells Tailor that they don't need his help anymore with fixing things like smurfball threadings because they now have the Stitchomat. But soon Handy and Brainy report that their new pants are falling apart and that they are all out of linen flax. Tailor tells the two Smurfs that since the Stitchomat's been using the linen, they will just have to go out into the forest and get more flax. Sassette asks if that's supposed to be Tailor's job, and Tailor says that his job is to relax. Brainy complains to Handy that his Stichomat is now making more work than expected for them.

In a human village, the people are just going about their business in the marketplace and the baker steps out of his shop to witness all the action going on, saying it's good to be alive, when he hears the sound of a horse furiously charging his way. He sees that it is a chariot driven by a woman with wild orange hair, recognizing her as "the enchantress" before he goes into his shop and hides from her. The enchantress forces the baker to come back out by blasting the door of his shop with her magic wand, and then demands him to hand over the dough as she lifts him up and shakes him down for all that he's worth. The citizens all fearfully line up and hand over their money and valuables, which the enchantress gathers in a sack. A dog in the street barks at the wild-haired woman, hoping to scare her off, but her pet weasel ends up scaring off the dog. The enchantress pets her weasel, saying that she will come across a few rats for him in the forest, as she gets back into her chariot and rides off.

Back in the forest, Gargamel, Azrael, and Scruple patiently wait for the Smurfs to come along as they hide within the pit they have dug, and soon they hear a group going into the forest to look for flax fields. Brainy hopes that they will find the fields soon because his pants are falling apart with each step. Handy realizes that some Smurfs just can't be replaced, but as they come across a patch of green on the ground, they have more than their falling britches to worry about as Gargamel emerges from the pit to capture them. He relishes in the thought of having captured seven Smurfs, with six for him to make gold out of, when he hears the sound of a chariot approaching. Gargamel flees with the captured Smurfs in hand when the chariot gets stuck in the pit, throwing its driver right on top of Gargamel, pinning him to the ground and allowing the Smurfs to escape.

After the enchantress gets herself off Gargamel, she sends Scruple scurrying with a blast of her power for sassing her, which makes Gargamel so lovestruck by her wickedness that he's willing to offer whatever she wants, saying that he's a very rich wizard. The enchantress introduces herself as Evelyn and her pet weasel as Satin, and though she finds Gargamel's mispronounced name to be cute, she is less impressed by his living quarters. Gargamel says that it's only temporary and that he's the only wizard who knows the secret of the Philosopher's Stone, which requires the capture of six Smurfs. Evelyn has no idea what a Smurf is, but after Gargamel's explanation of who and what they are, she sends the wizard on his way to capture the Smurfs while she stays in his castle to steal his gold formula. Gargamel asks Evelyn if he could borrow the magic wand, and she allows him to do so, asking if he knows how to handle a wand. Gargamel tries to prove that he does, but her wand seems to have a mind of its own as it blasts the wizard in the foot.

Meanwhile, the group of Smurfs in the forest are having trouble trying to harvest flax as Clumsy and Brainy find themselves getting tangled up in its stalks. But soon Gargamel provides more trouble as he shows up using Evelyn's magic wand to try stopping the Smurfs from escaping. However, the wand proves to be too powerful for Gargamel to handle as he is unable to control its ability, causing a tree to fall down on top of him and blasting a rock with enough force that sprayed rubble all over him. Despite the wand eventually burning itself out, Gargamel does succeed in finding two Smurfs bound in flax stalks ready to bring home with him.

Evelyn is at Gargamel's castle looking through his books for the gold formula when the wizard shows up with the two Smurfs he has captured. Evelyn seems unimpressed by the results she has seen so far by him, and is rather upset that he has ruined her wand. Taking Gargamel by the ear, Evelyn demands him to show her where the Smurfs are, and she will show him how to catch them. Brainy and Clumsy watch from the cage they were put in, with Brainy wondering why she would need six Smurfs, and Clumsy suggesting that maybe she wants put together her own smurfball team.

Back in the village, Tailor laments the day that he has been replaced by the Stitchomat when the Smurfs that went into the forest returned, saying that the Stitchomat got them into trouble in the first place because Brainy and Clumsy are now captured by Gargamel while they were out harvesting flax. Without Papa Smurf available to lead anyone to mount a rescue party, Tailor realizes that it's up to him to take charge of the situation.

Out in the forest, Evelyn is not only getting impatient with not finding Smurfs, but also having to deal with Gargamel's attraction towards her, when they hear Smurfs approaching and hide themselves within a bush to catch them off-guard. Gargamel can't resist getting a hold of Evelyn and causes her to accidentally blast a tree branch overhead. The Smurfs hear this and run for their lives, but Evelyn and Satin give chase after them until she finds them hiding behind a bush and uses her magic wand to lasso them. With all the Smurfs she needs to make gold, Evelyn tells Gargamel that she doesn't need him anymore and blasts him away, causing him to fall from a tree branch that she places him on, although it doesn't change the feelings that he has for her. However, he falls right on top of Handy and Tailor, who are both struggling to get out from under the lovesick wizard.

With the six Smurfs in her possession, Evelyn returns to her home and realizes that she has never found the gold formula, but she decides that with a little love letter she could lure Gargamel to her and then get the formula from him that way. She sends Satin to deliver the message to Gargamel before she tells her little blue guests that soon they will be as good as gold. Meanwhile, Gargamel returns home to find Scruple mocking him for being in love with Evelyn, not to mention that Evelyn is gone and so also are the Smurfs he captured. But soon Evelyn's weasel delivers the love letter, and Gargamel feels so heartstruck by her message that he dresses himself in his best clothes and a fancy wig. With Handy and Tailor stowing away inside a vase, Gargamel rides to Evelyn's home in a wagon pulled by Scruple to meet with her in person.

Inside her lair, Evelyn is getting impatient in her waiting for Gargamel to arrive so that she can get the gold formula and get rid of the nuisance once and for all. Then Gargamel arrives at the door, and Evelyn allows him to enter, accepting the flowers and then throwing the vase onto the floor where it shatters. Handy and Tailor then hide under Gargamel's wig after it has fallen off his head, but as Gargamel makes up the gold formula for Evelyn, Satin goes after the wig as he sees it moving across the floor, causing Handy and Tailor to flee under the table that Gargamel is working on. Tailor then has an idea in mind as he pulls out a sewing needle.

With Gargamel distracted, Tailor unravels fabric from Gargamel's clothes so that by the time he is ready to add the Smurfs to the formula, he finds out that his underwear is showing. Then Handy binds the wizard's legs with thread so that he ends up falling onto the table and knocking the cage of Smurfs onto the floor, causing them to escape. Evelyn looks around to see where the Smurfs have gone, only for Tailor to appear from the rafters to drop a net on her. Gargamel picks up the wand she has dropped, but again couldn't control its power as a blast from it misses the Smurfs and destroys the wig. Gargamel finally decides that he doesn't need the wand and throws it away, which causes the wand to fire in all directions, even hitting Gargamel and Evelyn as the Smurfs make their escape. Evelyn is so furious with Gargamel's level of incompetence that she forces him to leave her home by blasting him with her wand, while Scruple amusingly watches.

Back in the village, every Smurf watches Tailor go back to the job that he loves doing while Handy dismantles the Stitchomat, saying that it will never work as well as his fellow Smurf does. Tailor feels a bit happy getting back to work, though he now has a pain in his shoulder. Handy offers to have the Stitchomat take over, but Tailor refuses, saying that suddenly his shoulder felt a whole lot better. Then Papa Smurf shows up telling Tailor that he has ripped his pair of pants on the hiking trip and wonders when he can expect to have them repaired. Tailor complains to Papa Smurf that he isn't a machine, and Sassette says that Tailor must really love his job, which leaves Papa Smurf wondering.


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