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Title Translation of
Gargamel's Giant
SpanishEl gigante de Gargamel

"Gargamel's Giant" is a Season 4 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

It starts out showing Gargamel digging dirt, while Tuffy, Greedy, Smurfette, and Hefty are watching Gargamel. Azrael finds them and chases them to a tree, and wrecks Hefty's pants while saving Tuffy from being caught by Azrael. Meanwhile, Gargamel is making his giant, and gathering ingredients. He finds the bad apples, and rotten eggs. the smurfs tell Papa Smurf what Gargamel was doing, and tells them that Gargamel wouldn't be able to because he needed choke cherries.

Smurfs Giant 5

In the village, Tuffy tells the other Smurfs about himself going against Azrael. Hefty tells that "There were just two hits. Azrael hit you, Tuffy, and you hit the ground." Gargamel got all the ingredients, and built a kite to bring his giant to life in a thunder storm. The next day, Farmer Smurf tells a few Smurfs that he saw Tuffy saying something about not being afraid of cats. Tuffy eventually runs into Azrael, and tries to fight. Tuffy lost, and Azrael gets knock out while trying to run from the giant. Gargamel tells his giant, Dufus, to drop water on the Smurf. Tuffy starts dragging Azrael by the tail while Gargamel and his giant slowly follow the Smurf. Eventually Azrael comes to, and tries to chase Tuffy in a circle, and Tuffy is caught by Hefty.

When Gargamel and his giant reach the Smurf Village, the Smurf started to fire pies at the giant. Dufus likes the pies, but Gargamel doesn't. When the Smurfs run out of pies, Papa Smurf said to evacuate and meet by the Great Oak. When Gargamel tells Dufus to stomp the Smurf, Dufus replies,"But Smurfs nice." Gargamel looks incredulously at Dufus, roaring "NICE? NICE?!? HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?" Dufus replies, "They gave Dufus pies. Me no smash them; me want more pie." Tuffy throws a piece of a Smurf house on Dufus's foot, and Dufus starts hopping across smurfberry bushes and lands on Gargamel's hovel. Dufus finds the Smurfs, and asks for more pies, and apologizes. Tuffy is confused, and Papa Smurf explains that Gargamel used smurfberries instead of choke cherries.

Dufus does help replant smurfberry bushes, and puts the roof on a Smurf house. Greedy makes Dufus a giant size pie for him, and Dufus said that he had to leave. Smurfette does invite him for supper, but he replies,"No thanks, Smurfette. Daddy wants Dufus home before dark."

Background Information

  • First and only appearance of the character Dufus the giant.