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Title Translation of
Forget Me Smurfs
FrenchLa Fleur de l'oubli
SpanishOlvídame pitufo
GermanDie Zauberblume
ItalianSalvate la diga

"Forget Me Smurfs" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Smurfette With Forget Me Flower

Look at these pretty flowers that I...what are these called again?

It is a warm day in the middle of winter, and the sun is causing the snow on the top of Mount Smurf to melt, with the water running off into the River Smurf and causing the water level at the Smurf Village Dam to rise. Papa Smurf and Vanity look at the water level rising, with the village leader very concerned about spring coming early and Vanity barely seeing a clear reflection of himself in the water. Then the dam shudders, which Papa Smurf says that it can't hold back that much water. He tells Vanity to go fetch Handy so that they can strengthen the dam before it bursts. Papa Smurf then hopes that the news from the expedition he sent to Mount Smurf is good, or else the entire village may be underwater.

Meanwhile, Smurfette leads Sickly and Brainy up the ascent to Mount Smurf, with Sickly complaining that he should be home in his bed and Brainy complaining that he should be back in the village just in case anyone needed his expertise. Smurfette tells the both of them to stop complaining, and as they get closer to the top of the mountain Smurfette hands Brainy a measuring stick to see how deep the snow level is when they reach the Marker Rock. When they get to Marker Rock, Brainy notices that it is smaller than last year, and when Brainy sticks the measuring stick into the snow and falls into the hole he created with it, Smurfette sees that the snow level is very deep, and that if all the snow on the mountain melts, the overflow could cause the dam to break and the village will be flooded. With the three Smurfs now on skis, they begin their descent down the mountain so that they could warn Papa Smurf about the snow level.

Down in the Smurf Village, Handy shows Farmer a greenhouse he has built so that Farmer could grow food even when the weather is cold. Farmer seems fascinated by the greenhouse, but then Handy's attention is diverted to Vanity telling him that Papa Smurf needs him for an emergency. Handy leaves Farmer's fields and follows after Vanity to attend to the emergency situation.

Back on the mountain, Brainy is still skiing his way down when he stops at a log that Smurfette is sitting upon, with her saying that they will wait for Sickly to join them. However, the snow holding the log in place melts, and Brainy and Smurfette end up rolling on the log down the mountain until they reach the bottom. Smurfette notices a patch of early-blooming flowers and picks one to sniff, and suddenly her behavior changes as she wonders where she has seen the flowers before. Brainy berates Smurfette, telling her that they don't have to smell the flowers, but then he sniffs them and his behavior also changes. Sickly catches up with the two Smurfs, telling them that they need to hurry and tell Papa Smurf, but they both just stand and wonder who he is and who they are.

At the village dam, Papa Smurf has his little Smurfs erect support beams and open the sluice gate to let out much of the water as possible to relieve the pressure on the dam, but Papa Smurf knows that it's only a temporary solution. He's still waiting for the three Smurfs to come back with the snow report on the mountains and wonders what's taking them so long.

As for those Smurfs, Sickly tries to lead Smurfette and Brainy on the right path back to the village, which they seem to forget. Smurfette tries to offer Sickly the beautiful flowers she has found, but Sickly refuses to smell them, saying that he is allergic to flowers. On their way back to the village, they come across Azrael waiting to pounce on them. Sickly dives for cover inside a bush, saying that he is allergic to cats, but Smurfette and Brainy simply stand out in the open, unaware of the danger they have put themselves in. Smurfette offers Azrael a smell of the beautiful flowers, which also makes the cat act strangely when he sniffs them.

At the village dam, Handy has his team of Smurfs working on bolstering the dam's strength to keep it from collapsing when Smurfette, Brainy, and Sickly arrive. Handy asks about the snow pack, but while Sickly has trouble trying to answer because of his sneezing, Smurfette and Brainy both act as if they have no idea what a snow pack is. She offers Handy a scent of the beautiful flowers she has found, and soon Handy is left in a state of forgetfulness, not sure what anything is or what to do. Smurfette hands out the flowers she has to each Smurf, and they also behave in the same manner.

Meanwhile, in Papa Smurf's laboratory, the village leader looks in his almanac and sees that the village is in danger from the early spring runoff, that the dam will collapse in one hour. He rushes out to warn his little Smurfs so that they can evacuate the village, but on his way he runs into Sickly and asks how deep the snow pack is. Sickly points Papa Smurf to another concern: a group of Smurfs all carrying flowers and acting so oblivious to the fact that their village is in danger, with a glazed look in their eyes. The village leader asks the Smurfs why they stopped work on the dam, and they react by saying they have no idea what Papa Smurf is talking about. Smurfette then offers Papa Smurf a flower, which makes Papa Smurf wonder where he has seen that kind of flower before. Sickly tries to warn Papa Smurf not to sniff it, but it is too late: he sniffs the flower, and suddenly he also falls victim to the same spell of obliviousness.

Sickly sees that the entire village is rendered helpless to protect themselves against the looming danger of the dam breaking, and so goes out into the forest to find Mother Nature while the village carries on acting like they have no idea what anything in the village is. He soon finds the guardian of nature and tells her about the flowers that the Smurfs have found that are making them forget. Mother Nature realizes that Sickly is talking about the Forget Me Flowers that cause trouble to whoever sniffs them, and decides to take action by using her magic wand to make the weather colder. As clouds cover up Mount Snow and snow begins to fall, Sickly thanks Mother Nature for her help and goes back to the village while Mother Nature mutters to herself that she warned Father Time that spring was coming too early.

With the sudden cold snap, the Smurfs are shaken from their spell of obliviousness, wondering what has happened to them. Smurfette sees that the flowers she and her fellow Smurfs were carrying have died, with Papa Smurf saying that it's probably for the best. Papa Smurf then goes to the dam and sees that the water is frozen solid, meaning that the village is saved from flooding. However, he starts sneezing, and soon he and his little Smurfs are in bed with a cold, with Sickly being healthy enough to wait on them hand and foot to give them their serving of smurf noodle soup. Sickly says he can't wait for his fellow Smurfs to be better again because then it will be his turn to be sick.


  • Some DVD releases of The Smurfs: Just Smurfy 3 and The Smurfs: Complete Season 3 carry the syndicated Smurfs Adventures repackaging of this episode, as opposed to the rest of the episodes, which were uncut, although this episode has also use the modified intro and credits for foreign markets. However the only problem it has is that the entire soundtrack was in 1x lower than usual in pitch octave.


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