OccupationWould-be owner of the Smurf Forest
UniverseComic Books

Comics Icon

Fatso is a character from a story in the comic book "Smurfs Monsters". He is a human who claimed ownership of the entire Smurf Forest that attempted to evict its residents, Mother Nature and the Smurfs, through the help of his henchmen, and when Mother Nature used her magic to fight back, a monster named Motro whom an imp had summoned to destroy whoever was in his path. With Mother Nature's magic ineffective against Motro, the Smurfs sought out help from Homnibus the enchanter, who provided them with an ally in the form of a giant two-headed butterfly named Radzor. With Radzor's help, the Smurfs defeated Motro, who was then magically transformed into flourishing plants and flowers. However, Fatso still tried to claim ownership of the forest, only to soon be chased out of the forest along with his henchmen by Radzor.

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