Father time
Father Time
RaceHuman in appearance
OccupationTime guardian and controller
Voice ActorAlan Oppenheimer
First AppearanceSeason 3
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show

Comics IconCartoon Icon

Father Time is a character that has appeared in the Smurfs cartoon show from Season 3's "No Time For Smurfs" to Season 9's "The Smurfs That Time Forgot". He is an elderly figure who has power and control over time, if not complete control. He wears a long grey beard, is dressed a long robe, and carries a scythe in his hand, which can open up tears in the fabric of space and time by careless people wielding it. He has an underground workshop usually accessible from a cave entrance, in which he has all sorts of devices and apparatuses that control elements of time. One of these devices, a backwards-running grandfather clock, had turned three adult Smurfs into young Smurflings.

Father Time is mentioned in the comic book version of "The Smurflings", but does not actually appear in the story.

His character was voiced by Alan Oppenheimer.

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