OccupationWould-be ruler
First AppearanceSeason 3
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Falan is a character who appeared in the cartoon show episode "The Magic Rattle". He is an evil fairy who is after the magic rattle that Queen Fauna's child Prince Fenwick possesses so that he could rule all of Fairyland and spread evil and mischief. His pursuit of the fairy queen and her child drew him toward the Smurfs, near which the two fairies were hiding. After Fenwick and Baby Smurf had switched rattles, Falan captured the queen and her child and held them hostage inside his castle with her grandfather, only to find that the rattle Fenwick had was not the magic rattle. Falan found out that the magic rattle was switched with Baby Smurf's and flew to the Smurf Village to get the real magic rattle. However, Papa Smurf had coated the rattle with an anti-magic powder so that it would be rendered useless for at least one hour, giving Papa Smurf and some of his Smurfs enough time to reach Falan's castle. However, Papa Smurf saw that Fauna, Fenwick, and her grandfather were trapped on a pedestal ready to be plunged into a pit with a vicious sabertooth cat ready to devour them. Using the magic rattle, Papa Smurf managed to rescue them in mid-plunge and to free them of their bonds, destroying Falan's throne in the process. Falan swore vengeance as he watched the Smurfs and the fairies fly away to safety.

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