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FAO Schwarz
LocationNew York City
PurposeToy store
First AppearanceThe Smurfs (2011 movie)

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Uh oh! Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of either the Smurfs Franco-Belgian comic book series or the Smurfs cartoon show series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline of either.

FAO Schwarz is the name of a toy retailer in New York City, located on 5th Avenue. It is the oldest operating toy retailer in North America. In the 2011 Smurfs movie, the Smurfs visit this toy store in order to get their hands on a "star gazer", which is a telescope. While they were in the toy store, Clumsy Smurf was mistaken for an animatronic toy by some girls, Grouchy Smurf fell in love with a green M&M plush, and Smurfette was smitten with the various types of dresses made for dolls that she could wear. However, their visit was interrupted by the presence of Gargamel, who chased after them using a leaf blower to capture them. Patrick and Grace Winslow went inside the toy store to rescue the Smurfs from Gargamel.

Uh oh! Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.

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