Enamored Smurf
OccupationNot Specified
Voice ActorNot applicable
First AppearanceThe Olympic Smurfs comic book story (1980)
Name Translation of Enamored Smurf
FrenchSchtroumpf Amoureux
DutchVerliefde Smurf

Comics IconSmurfs Village Icon

Enamored Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Amoureux) is a character who only appears in the comic books. Enamored Smurf has been in love with Smurfette ever since her arrival.


Enamored Smurf has never been the main character of a comic book main story, but was briefly mentioned during The Smurfic Games, when he dreams about the Smurfette's kiss that is the prize for the winning team. In some one-page gags from other books, he pulls the petals off daisies, reciting "She loves me, she loves me not..." This can have different humorous consequences depending on the gag.

He also appears in Doctor Smurf, when he - just like the other Smurfs - attends Doctor Smurf's office only to see Smurfette, who is his nurse. Unlike the other Smurfs who talk with Doctor Smurf about made-up illnesses, Enamored Smurf just sits and thinks about Smurfette.

Another possible main story appearance is in the comic book story "The Reporter Smurf" when he appears alongside Vanity after Reporter prints out a special edition of the village newspaper with the front page article being Smurfette's new dress, which she originally planned to show at the Full Moon Ball as a surprise. Despite the exposure of her new dress making Smurfette angry enough to destroy her dress by stomping on it, the Smurf next to Vanity in that scene still found himself enraptured by Smurfette.

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