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El Gargo
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 9 (Single Episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

El Gargo is a character that appeared in the Season 9 episode "Papa Loses His Patience". He was probably one of Gargamel's relatives. He was a bullfighter of long-ago Spain who was always failing in the sport due to his lack of patience. In the episode, Brainy Smurf created a magic potion that was supposed to help Papa Smurf work faster in assembling the time crystals and figure out which combination would get all the Smurfs back to their own home and time. But instead the potion accidentally removed Papa's patience and transferred it to El Gargo. With Papa's patience, El Gargo became a big success in bullfighting, surprising and impressing his master and audience alike. He became the greatest bullfighter for a time. But he was eventually defeated by the Bull-O-Matic, an invention of Handy Smurf's to restore Papa's patience. Thanks to the Bull-O-Matic, he was no longer the patient bullfighter and the quality of his bullfighting skills went back to what they were before: bad and always failing.

His master was called Sir Don Señor Citizen.

He also had a cat which he used to practice his bullfighting skills. The cat was probably one of Azrael's relatives, but its name was not mentioned in the story.


Besides a striking resemblance to Gargamel, El Gargo wore a traditional bullfighter's outfit with black hat, uniform jacket and pants with yellow, orange and green colors, and a pair of black shoes. 

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